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RE: This war and its cause....

Oct 24, 2001 05:22 PM
by dalval14

October 24, 2001

Masters as Servants of THE LAW of INFINITE PROGRESS

Dear Friends:

May I offer that which seems to be reasonable in such a matter?

The Masters of wisdom do not manipulate the Karma of the earth or
the individuals thereon. The are the SERVANTS OF THE LAW.

They are no omnipotent and irresponsible "Gods" but rather those
beings who serve to perceive, and adjust deviations from the
harmonies of active Karma in Nature.

As an example: The Academes who teach in a University, have the
primary function of supervising and organizing in outline the
studies of their pupils. The pupils select their areas in which
to develop competency. The "Professors" review and seek to make
the pupils-selection rational and easier for those pupils, due to
their greater range of observation over many more years than the
average student yet encompasses. As students graduate, some
enter the academic field, maybe in their own University, and
turn their learning and expertise into the same supervisory
capacities as their Professors exercised for them. All this is
done on a repetitive pattern of analogy and correspondence -- not
mechanical at all They participate also as a group or a body in
the administration of that institution. The two functions are
different, yet are combined to achieve a value and a meaning for
a University.

In any case why should the "Masters" as the "professors" of our
Earth indulge in useless and fanciful acts? Do we really think
that Adeptship gives us free to act in a wild outburst of desire
and passion motivated acts ? If we do then we as pupils need to
develop a deeper maturity in the perception of the operations of
Life and Nature.

Best wishes,


PS A possible cure : Self-discipline.

When pestered with fleas, one looks for flea powder.

We need to identify the irritants, and make them impotent.

It is KNOWLEDGE that we need to secure. Waving a fly swatter
earns us very few fleas. If we are able to behave in a
reasonable manner the exaggerated and unusual actions of others
will be made to stand out. This has to be done by ourselves and
for ourselves and others.

So long as we act unregulated, the irregularities of others who
are ill-intentioned will merge and conceal themselves with ours.
They take advantage of our carelessness, and inattention to what
the Buddha would term: "Right livelihood." Can we detect the
difference? Or, do we expect others to do that for us? Is it
not the desire for personal pleasure, run amok, that has brought
on our general and present condition? How can we change that ?

How does one develop the well-regulated life? We cannot enforce
this on others but each person can adopt reasonable ways of
behavior for themselves.

Let us look around ourselves and resolve to live harmoniously.

Those who are disharmonious will not be able to conceal


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From: Nisk98114
Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2001 9:32 AM
Subject: This war and its cause....

Well, according to H.P.B. evolution is watched over by the
Masters. See any
conspiracy in evolution? Democracy is an evolved an evolving
process. and
will probably morph into something way more advanced long into
the future but
we really need not "rely" on that prognosis at the present ,
wouldn't you say?


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