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Re: reworking our theosophical objects

Oct 24, 2001 05:22 AM
by Katinka Hesselink

Oe Eldon,

that is indeed beautiful. You should put it on your

> From: Eldon B Tucker <>
> Subject: reworking our theosophical objects
> A few years ago on another mailing list, we were
> discussing
> different ways to rework the objects of the Theosophical
> Society. I came up with one that seemed interesting at
> the
> time. I'm including it below. Perhaps we need
> periodically
> to review how we think of things, to put them in fresh
> words, so that their inner live stays strong for us?
> -- Eldon
> >1. Universal Compassion: To form a living example of the
> open
> > acceptance and love of others, setting aside all
> prejudice
> > and discrimination based upon such factors as sex,
> religious
> > preference, race, economic status, and politics.
> >
> >2. Cultural Heritage: To encourage the search for Truth
> wherever
> > it may be found, including a study of great
> philosophies,
> > religions, and fields of science as well as
> disciplines of the
> > heart including music and art. To not just study and
> be a
> > consumer of this heritage, but to individually
> explore the
> > unknown and then make new, positive contributions to
> the world.
> >
> >3. Personal Quest: To explore one's unrealized potential
> and
> > abilities with the end-goal of becoming a positive
> force for
> > wisdom, truth, and beauty in the world. To awaken an
> inner
> > fire so that one can then light the fires in the
> hearts of
> > others, seeking to make the world a brighter place.

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