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forcing democracy upon other countries

Oct 23, 2001 05:53 PM
by Eldon B Tucker

At 06:36 PM 10/23/01 -0600, you wrote:
Dear Eldon,
Isn't it true that a lot of the founding fathers of our nation were mostly freemasons and had a occult backround, they believed democracy was the highest of ideals for mankind. They believed we should be an example for the world, Reagans shining city on the hill. We should start being the example, and stop going into the parts of the world we don't belong. To be an example is to show people, not shove it down their throats. If they are going to become free and democratic they need to come to that decision themselves, not kicking and screaming. What do you think HPB would of thought?
I'm not sure it matters what she might have thought.
It matters what we think. I think we may have drifted
away from trying to remake the work in our image.
It's always a problem when we decide what to do when
another country suffers under a malevolent government.
Do we leave them alone? Do we deal with the government
and not interfere in its internal affairs? Or do we
try to help along the process of change where it'll
eventually fall to something hopefully better? I thing
our tendency has been do turn and look the other way.
I'm not sure it's always the right thing to do. Some
countries are too big to do anything about, like China.

I see our current refocus on world affairs being driven
by the current world threat -- that of potential use
of weapons of mass destruction against western civilian
populations. This is so dangerous that any tendency
towards isolationism has to be put aside, literally under
the threat of death. Apart from hopefully rare situations
like this, I'd agree that we don't meddle in other
countries governments, but only provide general assistance,
helping the countries improve to the point where there
will be a natural political evolution from within.

-- Eldon

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