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Re: Theos-World The Way & Current Events

Oct 22, 2001 09:27 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

"All that Protestant Christianity seems to have assimilated from the "Holy Bible" is the sleek, subtle and subservient advocacy of selfish and bestial passions, such as polygamy, and the legal spoliation by wars - as commanded by the Hebrew 'Lord of Hosts'!" 
- Blavatsky Collected Writings XI:42

> 75. Rebellion
> When rulers take grain so that they may feast,
> Their people become hungry;
> When rulers take action to serve their own interests,
> Their people become rebellious;
> When rulers take lives so that their own lives are maintained,
> Their people no longer fear death.
> When people act without regard for their own lives
> They overcome those who value only their own lives.

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