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Re: Re: this war & it's cause

Oct 22, 2001 02:30 AM
by Katinka Hesselink

Hi Bart,

This is really getting tiresome. I will try again though.
Have I said anything to defend any Islamic nation? On the
whole they have too big a difference between rich and poor,
have problems with free press, and don't give women enough
freedom IMO, not to mention people getting tortured on a
regular basis. And yes, these are far worse wrongs than 
the US has, though it shares the rich-poor problem. My
point is only that what they've done wrong does not give
the US the freedom to do the same or other things wrong as

Are you denying any of the facts the article pointed out?
And why is my agreeing to those facts a problem?
Of course I don't see myself as having any problem at all.
I have enough to eat, a healthy family, an interesting and
fulfilling job, a roof over my head and access to enough
information and spiritually inspiring stuff to keep me
happy, and you can probably say the same.


> From: Bart Lidofsky <>
> Subject: Re: this war & it's cause
> Katinka Hesselink wrote:
> > Hi all, this letter says in much better words, and with
> > more facts than I could come up with what (In my
> opinion
> > too) is the cause of this war.
> Your problem is that you use different standards to
> judge the
> terrorists and their targets. Take any standard by which
> the United
> States is declared "guilty" and compare it to the
> practices of the
> Islamic nations in the Middle East, and you will see that
> the Islamic
> nations are far worse.
> Bart Lidofsky

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