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Re: Theos-World wake up to it and enjoy (including "spiritual")life

Oct 21, 2001 09:11 PM

It's not the barefoot thing is it? 

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Subject: RE: Theos-World wake up to it and enjoy (including "spiritual")life

My old uncle who is a bit of mysoginist still has this embroidery on his



- now I know that's not very pc - but it's hell funny


Naughty old stirrer

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|Subject: Re: Theos-World wake up to it and enjoy (including
|Bridgett, the highest thing you can ever do is to know
|thyself, don't you agree.
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|Subject: Theos-World wake up to it and enjoy (including
|Jerry: "Another way to put it might be that a mystical
|experience is in the form of new and deeper states of
|consciousness, even though the senses and outward experience
|of things may still be physical plane earth. A psychical
|experience is in the form of altered or different sense
|experiences, perhaps of subtler aspects of physical or astral
|earth. With the psychical, we see different things and may go
|to other places, but our basic consciousness is the same. It's
|the same "us" that is going there and seeing those things.
|With the mystical, we may still be here and seeing the same
|things, but we're greater within, with a wider scope of
|understanding, with perhaps entirely new ways of appreciating
|life in our wider consciousness."
|Maybe we don't "go" anywhere.
|Jerry: "can know the taste of an apple by reading about it.
|And also, they admit to being afraid to eat it"
|It reminds me a bit of primitive tribes that live in the midst
|of a beautiful forest/nature, but are afraid to walk in it
|at night because of the "gosts" out there. They demonize the
|world, not realizing that if there are "gosts",or spiritual
|beings, out there they couldn't harm one if you are present minded.
|Jerry: "We experience materiality directly, and we experience
|dreams directly, and so how does one know that direct
|spiritual experience is any more reliable? " One is good for
|this, and the other is good for other aspects of life, and yes
|they are both limited on a "real" life basis it seems. But at
|least are to be considered as "normal" in our current
|condition. Nevertheless the physical (or the lower Manas seems
|a more accurate thesophical term) seems more familiar to many
|theosophists then spiritual "experiences"(and of course there
|is also discussion of what is "spiritual"), wich some
|demonize, and that is a dead end street. Just as you breath
|air, drink water (any long term breatharians on the list ?),
|and eat at least some, food, applying "experience" exploring
|consciousness and self .helps one to be a more balanced person
|it seems, plus adding a good dose of scepticism and trying to
|check things out helps a lot . In other words to stay with
|your two feet on the ground seems an advisable way to go as
|long one has a body.
|Only reading books, of watever creed is indeed a limitation,
|and can get you confused or stuck. Creed can also mean
|scientific creed of course, but also in science, there is a
|lot of good research going on that can be looked up and can
|be made to be useful.
|We live in a great world/universe, why not wake up to it and enjoy it.
| Brigitte
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