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Re: Theos-World wake up to it and enjoy (including "spiritual")life

Oct 21, 2001 11:09 AM

Bridgett, the highest thing you can ever do is to know thyself, don't you agree. 

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Subject: Theos-World wake up to it and enjoy (including "spiritual")life

Jerry: "Another way to put it might be that a mystical experience is
in the form of new and deeper states of consciousness, even though the
senses and outward experience of things may still be physical plane
earth. A psychical experience is in the form of altered or different
sense experiences, perhaps of subtler aspects of physical or astral
earth. With the psychical, we see different things and may go to other
places, but our basic consciousness is the same. It's the same "us"
that is going there and seeing those things. With the mystical, we may
still be here and seeing the same things, but we're greater within,
with a wider scope of understanding, with perhaps entirely new ways of
appreciating life in our wider consciousness."

Maybe we don't "go" anywhere.

Jerry: "can know the taste of an apple by reading about it. And also,
they admit to being afraid to eat it"

It reminds me a bit of primitive tribes that live in the midst of a
beautiful forest/nature, but are afraid to walk in it at night
because of the "gosts" out there. They demonize the world, not
realizing that if there are "gosts",or spiritual beings, out there
they couldn't harm one if you are present minded.

Jerry: "We experience materiality directly, and we experience dreams
directly, and so how does one know that direct spiritual experience is
any more reliable?
One is good for this, and the other is good for other aspects of life,
and yes they are both limited on a "real" life basis it seems. But at
least are to be considered as "normal" in our current condition.
Nevertheless the physical (or the lower Manas seems a more accurate
thesophical term) seems more familiar to many theosophists then
spiritual "experiences"(and of course there is also discussion of what
is "spiritual"), wich some demonize, and that is a dead end street.
Just as you breath air, drink water (any long term breatharians on the
list ?), and eat at least some, food, applying "experience"
exploring consciousness and self .helps one to be a more balanced
person it seems, plus adding a good dose of scepticism and trying to
check things out helps a lot .
In other words to stay with your two feet on the ground seems an
advisable way to go as long one has a body.

Only reading books, of watever creed is indeed a limitation, and can
get you confused or stuck. Creed can also mean scientific creed of
course, but also in science, there is a lot of good research going on
that can be looked up and can be made to be useful.

We live in a great world/universe, why not wake up to it and enjoy

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