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RE: Theos-World RE: The Mahatma letters.

Oct 20, 2001 10:26 AM
by nos

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|Friday, October 19, 2001
|	Re: Information contained in the MAHATMA LETTERS
|Dear Nos.
|I write because these themes interest me and I have been at it 
|for over 60 years trying to verify the accuracy of this system 
|we name today THEOSOPHICAL.

Not be rude - I didn't ask why - just how you got the time to write so
much - do you get any carpel tunnel syndrome or RSI? I do and I would
write perhaps a tenth of your content a day and given you've been doing
it for 60 years I suspect I am much younger as well! Is there a Herb
you would recommend that would alleviate this?

|You ask about the MAHATMA LETTERS -- I would say that their 
|value is interior to them. do they make sense (in whole or in 
|part)? To whom were they sent, for what occasion or reason? I 
|notice that they seem to bridge some of the many gaps our 
|Science leaves open or has only been able to theorize about.

Sorry - Wasn't me that asked!

|I also notice from the MAHATMA LETTERS and The SECRET DOCTRINE 
|that the records made available there are said to be the 
|discoveries of vary ancient Sages, that they formed a 
|Brotherhood and maintain continuous relations with each other 
|[of course, Reincarnation of the eternal SPIRIT IN MAN is a 
|given in this
|case] [see ISIS UNVEILED Vol. II pp 97-103]

Um, yep...

|I do not think that others' opinions count for much. In 
|matters of accuracy and verification, one has, I think, to 
|study the evidence independently and if we should reject 
|certain aspects of that, then why not, firs, inquire into the 
|way in which others see things? One could pose certain 
|questions to elicit responses that might be helpful and constructive.

Do you think a question should 'elicit' a response?

|Is what is offered there true?

How does one ascertain what is true?

|Has anyone other ideas that might be valid?


|Does it assist our Science in defining the laws and processes 
|found in nature?

Laws and Processes are 'best fits' - see 'Superforce' - Paul Davies

|How did they get into Nature anyway? and, what is Nature as a whole?

Nature implies something Natural and hence something unnatural and also
something supernatural - no?

|Are there these mysterious 10 and 7 planes said to be interior 
|to the physical? Have you looked in The SECRET DOCTRINE at 
|Vol. I pp 157, 181, 200, 242-6, II 596 and in the KEY TO THEOSOPHY
|(HPB) see pp. 91-2, 135-6, 175-6, and intervening dialog.

To my understanding the planes are all mental constructs in an absract
sense - ratiocination if you will - ideas are the child of thought -
thought is a vibration - vibration is motion - trith lies in the STOPPED
moment - ie no vibration - no thought.....

|In investigating these things I went to the teachings used by 
|the Hindus, Buddhists, Chinese, Japanese ancient systems as 
|also what is handed down to us by and from the Egyptians, 
|Chaldees, Hebrews, Greeks, etc...and found that they all used 
|a multi-fold (usually 7-fold) division of planes or principles 
|in discussing Nature and Man. So perhaps the Theosophical is 
|not so far-fetched ?

All classification systems are mans boundary creation - converting
analogue to digital - they are a 'best-fit' - close and good enough for
discussion but not TRUTH. 

|I'll offer a series of questions as I think of those which 
|guided me earlier, an in fact, still do. I think we are all 
|students and probably will be so for many years.
|How does the physical form organize itself?

The seat of the godhood in the pineal gland using force of will controls
a host of elements - the elements are all electrical particles and hence
vibratory - they exist in the universal mental matrix.

|What are its rules and regulations?

Have you seen the film the Matrix? The rules only apply if you think
they do ;)

|How does the Mental faculty relate and or attach itself to 
|then brain and the physical man?

A complex array of ineracting electro-magnetic fields converging through
an analogue spectrum into biological chemical reactions with the
physical construct of the brain. ?

|Are DESIRES, PASSIONS, VIRTUES, VICES expressions of actualities?

Or actualaties expressions of DESIRES, PASSIONS, VIRTUES, VICES

|What is the actual PSYCHOLOGY of humans?

Fallen Gods who can't face the truth?

|Where does a life end? what final summation is there for our living?


|Why is it that children from an early age exhibit their own 
|characteristics in the areas of the physical strength and 
|resistance to disease?

Body Type (pita, Vata Kapha - Peken, Tripa, Bile?) - Mother's Milk .
Astrological influence. DNA corruption through oxidants, corrosives and
electro-magnetic radiation?

|In Mind and the power to learn and to reason?

Sorry rephrase?

|Are the "desires and passions" truly a separate group from the 
|thoughts and the reasonings?

Nothing is separate from anything else...

|What propels us to inquire into these things?

The Mote in God's Eye

|Can our findings provide a change of direction to our aims in life?

After Gnosis yes....

|Incidentally I note that sometimes you seem to reject (without 
|any good reason given) certain propositions. What not inquire 
|first into their genesis and reason? We could all learn from that.

For example? 

|If you are studying Theosophy to see how it "ticks," then how 
|far have your own investigations proceeded? what have you 
|read and inquired into?

I've read Aldous Huxley's - The Perrenial Philosophy


Archidoxes of magik - Paracelsus

That's about it

|Best wishes,

Wishes are desires....



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