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RE: The Mahatma letters.

Oct 19, 2001 01:13 PM
by dalval14

Friday, October 19, 2001

Re: Information contained in the MAHATMA LETTERS

Dear Nos.

I write because these themes interest me and I have been at it
for over 60 years trying to verify the accuracy of this system we
name today THEOSOPHICAL.

You ask about the MAHATMA LETTERS -- I would say that their value
is interior to them. do they make sense (in whole or in part)?
To whom were they sent, for what occasion or reason?
I notice that they seem to bridge some of the many gaps our
Science leaves open or has only been able to theorize about.

I also notice from the MAHATMA LETTERS and The SECRET DOCTRINE
that the records made available there are said to be the
discoveries of vary ancient Sages, that they formed a Brotherhood
and maintain continuous relations with each other [of course,
Reincarnation of the eternal SPIRIT IN MAN is a given in this
case] [see ISIS UNVEILED Vol. II pp 97-103]

I do not think that others' opinions count for much. In matters
of accuracy and verification, one has, I think, to study the
evidence independently and if we should reject certain aspects of
that, then why not, firs, inquire into the way in which others
see things? One could pose certain questions to elicit responses
that might be helpful and constructive.

Is what is offered there true?

Has anyone other ideas that might be valid?

Does it assist our Science in defining the laws and processes
found in nature?

How did they get into Nature anyway? and, what is Nature as a

Are there these mysterious 10 and 7 planes said to be interior to
the physical? Have you looked in The SECRET DOCTRINE at Vol. I
pp 157, 181, 200, 242-6, II 596 and in the KEY TO THEOSOPHY
(HPB) see pp. 91-2, 135-6, 175-6, and intervening dialog.

In investigating these things I went to the teachings used by the
Hindus, Buddhists, Chinese, Japanese ancient systems as also what
is handed down to us by and from the Egyptians, Chaldees,
Hebrews, Greeks, etc...and found that they all used a multi-fold
(usually 7-fold) division of planes or principles in discussing
Nature and Man. So perhaps the Theosophical is not so
far-fetched ?

I'll offer a series of questions as I think of those which guided
me earlier, an in fact, still do. I think we are all students
and probably will be so for many years.

How does the physical form organize itself?

What are its rules and regulations?

How does the Mental faculty relate and or attach itself to then
brain and the physical man?

Are DESIRES, PASSIONS, VIRTUES, VICES expressions of actualities?

What is the actual PSYCHOLOGY of humans?

Where does a life end? what final summation is there for our

Why is it that children from an early age exhibit their own
characteristics in the areas of the physical strength and
resistance to disease?

In Mind and the power to learn and to reason?

Are the "desires and passions" truly a separate group from the
thoughts and the reasonings?

What propels us to inquire into these things?

Can our findings provide a change of direction to our aims in


Incidentally I note that sometimes you seem to reject (without
any good reason given) certain propositions. What not inquire
first into their genesis and reason? We could all learn from

If you are studying Theosophy to see how it "ticks," then how far
have your own investigations proceeded? what have you read and
inquired into?

Best wishes,



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Dallas - Quick aside - Seriously How do you find the Time to
write so
much? ;)

I am a retired editor in Science and Theosophy has been my
"hobby: since I was about 18. And that is 60 years back -- so
now I write, hoping to open a few windows on what I have
discovered which might be of assistance now to others. I am
very careful to say these are my "opinions." THEOSOPHY is
actually a monolithic record of the history of discovery which
stretches back over millennia.



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|Dear Friends::
|I do not think that when one considers the possibility of Wise
|Men one excludes from that list individuals who down the ages,
|have been noted for their extraordinary knowledge and
|generosity. The list is a long one and includes individuals
|from every race and religio.


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