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RE: Atma - to Eldon

Oct 20, 2001 09:30 AM
by Jerry S

<<It's above space/time as we know it.>>>

Eldon, you are correct. I think that this is the central point that I have
been trying to make on this whole issue. When we compare HPB's 7-plane model
with Buddhism we can easily see that the lower 4 planes are samsara and the
upper 3 are nirvana. The Hinayana teach that nirvana is permanent and
ultimate and absolute. This seems to be in accord with what Dallas and
others keep saying re the permanency of atma-buddhi. However, the Mahayana
and especially Dzogchen hold that the ultimate or permanent or abolute, if
such exists at all, has to be beyond nirvana, and they teach that both
samsara and nirvana are maya. Now, in a previous post of mine, I quoted
Blavatsky in the SD as agreeing that all 7 planes are maya, so she is in
full agreement with the Mahayana on this. Knowing this, I keep trying to
point this out to Dallas when he advocates the permanacy of atma-buddhi. To
many this is a small matter so technical as to be not worthy of interest,
but it actually does has many ramifications and consequences on how we view
Theosophy and especially on our Theosophical worldview. Thanks,

Jerry S.

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