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RE: [bn-study] Fw: Regarding: Where are the masters?

Oct 19, 2001 01:12 PM
by dalval14

Friday, October 19, 2001

Dear Friend Shin Nandodaya:

Good to hear from you.

If one were to ask where the Buddha resided now, one could not answer in
terms of our space and locations.

Similarly for the 7 Great Creative Powers which energize and support

The Buddha spoke of a “Race of Buddhas” and hinted that They were concerned
with the progress of humanity, as He was (and is).

Every ancient religion or reform speaks of these 7 principles that are
necessary for evolution. But they also speak of the central MIND/SOUL of
each human who is struggling to reach the ultimate Goal.

They also speak of the Great War between the “Living” and the “dead.”
meaning thereby those who try to live a life in harmony with the Universe
(Nature) and those who are selfish and try to isolate themselves from Nature
and thus enter into conflict and disunion with the entire Life process.

If you look at the BHAGAVAD GITA ,5,000 years old, you will find that
Krishna teaches his pupil Arjuna about this.

Since you are approaching and acquiring a knowledge of Theosophy, it would
be a good idea to read through the KEY TO THEOSOPHY (HPB) -- this is
“on-line” at

You can also access The SECRET DOCTRINE there. A comparison is made in the
form of a table in the 2nd Volume on p. 596. Other references of interest
are the 7-fold and 10-fold division of the evolving spheres (or planes) see
S D I 157, 181, 200, 242-6.

You will find that Mme. Blavatsky, who brought Theosophy to us to consider,
and to test, never imposed the ideas. She PRESENTED them and gave logical
reasons for their being.

Theosophy is a record of the discoveries and studies made by all the Great
Teachers, Buddhas, Rishis, Prophets, Mahatmas and Adepts, etc… They forma
single brotherhood which one could call the Ancient Lodge of WISDOM. All
Religions, Philosophies and Sciences are involved in this as they support
each other. This is one World and One Universe and the function of Humanity
as a vast Intelligent host is to learn all that can be learned about Nature
and then to support and assist her in her vast work.

Our Earth is but a humble planet in the vast Universe, yet by our humanity
becoming wise and charitable and brotherly as a great impulse to “good”can
be sent out over the Universe. This is the challenge that faces all of us
at present. If we can make ourselves non-violent, if we can practice virtue
and turn away from selfishness and isolation and greed, we will have
succeeded in our personal mission.

The primary question is one of LAW. It is perfectly evident that the whole
of Nature goes by LAWS. But there are those in our world here as in the
past who challenge this. They are willing to accept the discoveries of
Science on the matter of physical law, but when it comes to the human
psyche, the balance between evil and virtue, they fail to see that the Laws
that are universal in one aspect of LIFE also embrace the rest.

What does theosophy offer us to consider?

Like every ancient Religion and Philosophy it speaks of the ONE SOURCE of
all LIFE. It calls this the ABSOLUTE and says that no manifested being
using our kind of matter can in any way define this ONE SOURCE. This

When our present period of Manifestation is over, and all beings “go to
sleep” -- a long period of rest and meditation on the experiences and wisdom
acquired while alive together -- then after that “rest” the Universe bursts
our into objective living and material being again.

It then says that all beings, whether they are atoms, plants, animals,
humans, planets, stars, or the whole universal GALAXY, bathes at all times
in this SOURCE. Hence it claims all beings and all humans are BROTHERS.
There is an immortal “ray” (or “Spark”) of the UNIVERSAL SPIRIT at the core
of every living being and every human being.

The process of learning is through reincarnation whereby the permanent
intelligence that is Human uses many bodies (personalities) one after the
other to learn the essential laws of LIFE and BEING. There is a continuous
growth of knowledge and when this is transformed into the practice of
VIRTUES then WISDOM is tested and made a part of ourselves.

It says that Nature (the ONE SOURCE IN MANIFESTATION) provides equal
opportunities over a very long time. So the immortal “Spark” progresses
from atom to molecule, to plant, to animal, to human, and then to the SAGES
and the WISE ONES, the Buddhas and Rishis and Christs of the World.

Briefly: You are given the ideas of

1. The immortality of the SPIRITUAL UNIVERSE.

2. The immortality of every form and being which is a “part” ofthe

3. Every incarnation is like a “day” at the School of learning.

4. LAW and LAWS rule the universe visible and invisible, and every
being whether atom or Man of super-man is alive under the same common rules
and laws.

5. These laws are impartial, just, fair merciful, generous and true.
They can be tested and examined by everyone.

6. As we learn and practice them we resolve the ancient fight
between WISDOM and folly within ourselves. It is the conflict between the
all-inclusive DOCTRINE OF THE HEART and the seperative and selfish DOCTRINE

7. We are all Adepts in the making and we are beginning to realise
that our Mind is a free agent and has the power to choose independently. It
is said that the “Fight is in the Mind.” We have to learn that we alone can
push ourselves either forward to victory and wisdom, or retard ourselves and
lose time and energy in the lost fields of desire and passion.

Looking at what you write, let me suggest that since a “Spark” of the ONE
SPIRIT is resident in us, the closes “Master” that can assist us is this
“spark.” it is interior to us and not outside. It is not separate fromus.
it is the potential Buddha within -- and it is THIS that we salute in all
beings and in all humans of whatever race, religion or country,

As to the Wise -- they are everywhere where they re needed. They are
necessarily limited to physical bodies, nor do they revel themselves to any
but those who have the ineradicable desire to serve humanity embedded in
their consciousness.

In fact one can say that success is not attained by joining any “society” or
“association.” All study is done by individual choice and the discipline of
progressive and regular work is always individual. Hence the actual
successes are know only to the individuals who win them.

Only the curious and those who will not study, demand objective proofs.
Theosophy holds that any proof that is exterior to the student is only an
assistance. Hence any “association or society” has to be an example tothe
world of the fair embodiment of the principles of THEOSOPHY. That means the
individuals who do the most work would be the least prominent.

But this concept is not one that is generally accepted., Our world is too
involved in names and titles and the labels one can affix to individuals.
The study of PRINCIPLES in an impersonal yet charitable manner is the
hallmark of true Theosophy.

THEOSOPHY is not the property of any society or association. Theosophy is a
statement of facts in nature and of the Laws of the Universe and world we
live in all together. No one can place a “patent” on a Law of Nature. At
best the one who discovers such a Law can benefit others by showing how it
relates to other laws and to the harmony of the WHOLE.

True criteria of excellence include honesty, veracity, virtue, charity, a
care for all others whether in our family and community or outside of it. A
sharing of wisdom when acquired with the discrimination that provides to
others as much a they can use and then try out and prove on their own. It
does not encourage any kind of selfishness, greed, authority, or isolation.

It seeks to universalize and impersonalize our lives so that we can
automatically do “good” for all who come our way.

We have followed the development of research which uses “catch-phrases”like
transpersonal psychology (which does not take Karma into account and seeks
to make the Passionate and selfish aspect of human consciousness
predominant. It neglects to explain the presence and reason for the
SPIRITUAL PERSON which is present in all and everywhere in potential.

Technical advances are largely related to material constructions. The value
of their usage is to apply weapons of destruction to others -- we preserve
ourselves, for what -- writers and readers of Sci-Fi. deal again with the
physical situations they fancy, and fail to deal with the karmic outcome of
realities that involve (as Theosophy points out) the spiritual and
intellectual evolution of all beings.

In other words every being has a reason for existence. Wiping out its form
does not cause that reason to disappear, nor is there somewhere a rubbish
heap of discards located somewhere in nature. And what about the Karma of
those who preside over or order that kind of “wipe-out.”

As far as I can see the strength of the bully does not always growth the
WISDOM of assistance and preservation. One wonders what kind of Karma
brings victims to bullies, and how best ought the ”victims” react.

How can bullies be brought to their senses? What is missing there and what
is not activated in the minds and considerations of the audience and
witnesses to such atrocities?

Nuclear development, like everything else has a useful as well as a
dangerous side to it. We have to employ the constructive side wisely and
avoid the destructive.

The concept of destruction in the Kosmos is limited to the dispersal of
forms. But we ought to be asking ourselves: what has caused them to
aggregate in the first place? What are they in their individual

Since you are studying Theosophy, or approaching to enquire of it as to its
value, then I suggest you read the KEY TO THEOSOPHY (HPB) and if possible
ISIS UNVEILED -- as you will get a basis for understanding the concept of a
Universe (and an Earth) that operates under impersonal, sensitive and
uniform LAWS, where everyone, ultimately is guided by Karma towards the
perfection of the SPIRITUAL NATURE that is potential and yet innate to them
right now.

Best wishes,



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From: m b--a
Sent: Thursday, October 18, 2001 11:18 AM
Subject: Regarding: Where are the Masters?

Hi there all

I'm relatively new to this study-group mailing list, but have followed the
threads everyday as it came in by e-mail.

The whole question of where the masters are fascinates me tremendously.
I do however feel that the response by Sapphire blue on the 15th of October
is a bit puzzling. Saying that they are residing in the seven ashrams (and
their subdivisions etc.) and presided over by certain selected historical
personae, which have been chosen very arbitrarily to say the least, borders
on the incredible and I would be very cautious to use the word 'absurd'.

And all the talk of a spiritual hierarchy (in capitals) start the alarm
bells ringing. That I think is the major reason why these individuals, who
are very evolved spiritually and mentally, choose to remain anonymous, to
prevent all the farcical and ridiculous "guru worship" that would ensue
should they choose to reveal themselves. Also the type of work that they
have chosen to do i.e. assist humanity away from pursuing negative and
destructive courses of action and behaviour patterns based on greed, hatred
and delusion precludes any manifestation of personal ambition by revealing
themselves as "Hidden Masters Come to Save Humanity".

Why would they want to risk ridicule and animosity from the large majority
humanity who relentlessly continue to destroy themselves and Mother Earth
and who would demand "party-trick" style phenomenon to provetheir
authenticity. We have seen a very sad and sorry illustration of that sort of
thing with the Madame Blavatsky and Theosophical society efforts, small
degrees of success and continued existence of it notwithstanding. I can
refer those who might feel I'm being unreasonable to "The Mahatma Letters"
and all the intrigue and slander and animosity that the Masters communicate
to A.P. Sinnett about.

The way that they have chosen, that is to work "behind the scenes" and
communicate with those they feel have the same concerns at heart, is the
best way in this day and age. (Kali Yuga, when the Dhamma stands only on one
leg and spirituality is weak and materialist greed and hatred and war and
destruction and death is the order of the day.) Look around you at the state
the world is in, and you will appreciate this.

The other issue which I would like to raise is about the question of
periodical destructions and re-emergence of world systems, which is a cosmic
and astronomical fact and not to be rationalized by Atlanteans with
crystals etc. I feel that those types of accounts is more symbolic to
illustrate that previous advanced civilisations reached high levels of
technological advancement, but chose to use those powers in the service of
base animal desires and ambitions, a situation not unlike we find ourselves
in at the present moment. We possess technologies and are developing more
that borders on the stuff you find in science fiction, while our spiritual
development lags way behind and where most of the earth's population are
starving and the planet are being destroyed through relentless exploitation
to fuel greedy animal passions. The nuclear arms race and the billions
squandered in the name of "security" while fellow human beings live in utter
misery, creates a situation where global destruction by earth passing
through the trail of a comet annually and being hit by a piece of debris
just big enough, will actually be seen as a graceful "cleaning-up"
I refer here to the various works of Graham Hancock (Fingerprints of the
Gods, Heaven's Mirror) etc.

Please feel free to disagree and take up issue with me. This is just my
subjective opinion and is not meant in any way other than to stimulate
healthy debate and exchange views on this matter.

I can also refer those of you who are interested to a site where you can
find stuff by Stanislav Grof and others involved in Transpersonal psychology
and other fields of consciousness research and planetary (ecological )

Lots of metta to all

Shin Nandodaya

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