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RE: Theos-World Real music?

Oct 19, 2001 01:12 PM
by dalval14

Dear Harry:

Let me know when and if you need more "quotes" as I have some on
just about everything in Theosophy.

THE OCCULT CATECHISM seems to be part of the secret books that
were available for use in giving explanations. [ S D I 9,
11-12, 120, 132, 147, 522, 619, 625, II 43, 57, 281-2, ]

Remember that The SECRET DOCTRINE was the triple production of
H.P.Blavatsky and the two Masters -- which they acknowledged in a
certificate to Dr. Hubbe-Schleiden [PATH Vol. 8, p. 1-3]

One additional point: It is a very useful exercise for a student
to go through THE THEOSOPHICAL GLOSSARY and note from word to
work those in which H.P.Blavatsky says "But esotericism says....
But occultism says...."

Especially valuable are those references in The SECRET DOCTRINE
where she deliberately draws attention to the esoteric, or the
occult explanations. In my opinion these forma magic chain of
truths which can help us all.

The MAHATMA LETTERS is also to be fund doing the same. There are
also a few in ISIS UNVEILED.

That's about all I can say on that subject.

Best wishes,



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Thanks for references. Some of their sources are books
which I have not yet read, so I appreciate getting a "glimpse."

Maybe you could explain a certain reference. Someone asked me
this and I wasn't able to give him an answer:

In SD I, pages 11, 147, and 625, the term Occult Catechism is
used. To
what does that refer, a written text?



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