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Theos-World Re: The making of the Mahatma letters.

Oct 18, 2001 02:34 PM
by Monica Suzuki

--- In theos-talk@y..., "Frank Reitemeyer" <ringding@b...> wrote:
> To my humble understanding no real Master (a perfected Lama or
> Adept) will appear to a "channel". Why should a Master be so stupid
> and act in that way?

In past centuries, channeling might have been the only way for 
Masters to contact humanity. It is my understanding that humanity 
has evolved far enough along that channeling has become an antiquated 
means of communication. Also, the astral plane has become too 
polluted for the Masters to use that plane as an effective means of 

It's similar to fiber optics and other technology such as satellite 
communications replacing transatlantic cables to communicate with one 
another on this physical plane.


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