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Re: Theos-World Re: God's will ????

Oct 17, 2001 11:34 PM
by Etzion Becker

*God* is a man made phrase. My view (at least for today, tomorrow is another
day), that *God* is who we are collectively. At this Earthly phase of
action, we can experience *Godhood* only if we would function together with
perfect accord. Just imagine a team of workers building a house easily and
smoothly, without the usuall screams, without tensions, without greed. With
loving smiles, building it not in order to gain comforts and profit, but for
those who need it. Such a crew (quite utopian, I bet), would experience
COLLECTIVELY a higher state of consciousness. If the entire humankind would
be able to function with complete harmony, they would have the COLLECTIVE
experience of one *Lord*, or what we also call a Perfect Master. Such one
person is equal to entire humankind, consciousness wise. What you can gather
from this, is that this state is to be experienced, not theorized. The
various true *mystical* schools of wisdom have been attempting to train
their pupils along these lines. Moses tried to train an entire nation to
function along these lines, of forming the heavenly Circles back on Earth;
Jesus tried to teach His disciples how to form a sacred Circle. Etc. Inspite
of the collective failure on the part of humankind to follow the easy ways
of the Gods, and choosing what you see now on Earth, which is the deliberate
decision of humankind, the *Gods* who achieved this state of perfection
nevertheless, helping us to gain this state inspite of our rebellions. All
best wishes. Etzion

> Are you differentiating between god and yourself?
> Is god an entity ?
> Nos

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