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Re: God's will ????

Oct 16, 2001 07:03 AM
by Katinka Hesselink

Goodness, I really am quoting these days - surrender to
God's will? You are kidding. Here is what a mahatma said on

(Coll. Wr. Vol. X, p. 96)
It is this pernicious doctrine of ever relying upon
extraneous help that leads to the collapse - physical,
mental, moral, and spiritual - of well-meaning, but weak
and unbalanced minds. It slays the patient of the
mesmerizer and the mental healer, the neophyte of the
sorcerer, and the dilettante of Reform. Neither success nor
safety is to be found outside self-development.>>

And a Master said:
(Letters from the Masters of Wisdom, first series, p. 119)
>> A constant sense of abject dependence upon a Deity which
he regards as the sole source of power makes a man lose all
self-reliance and the spurs to activity and initiative.
Having begun by creating a father and guide unto himself,
he becomes like a boy and remains so to his old age,
expecting to be led by the hand on the smallest as well as
the greatest events of life.>>

Seems to me that trusting God (whatever that may be, and
the Mahatmas certainly did not believe in any personal god)
is trusting something outside yourself. 

All these quotes can also be found at my website by the

> The real Master prescribe the path of 
> service, sacrifice, love and surrenderance to God's
> will. Etzion

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