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Re: sex and occultism

Oct 16, 2001 06:52 AM
by Katinka Hesselink

Oke Jerry, 
I believe we have been at this subject before. You claim
HPB was taught that sex was not good for occult
development. I don't agree. They certainly do not imply
that asceticism is part of the path of occultism and that
asceticism is only necessary for the disciple. In fact from
the quotes below it would seem to be the other way around. 

Here is what HPB says in C.W. III, p. 27
>> Q. Can a married man acquire the Vidya [occult

A. No, not while a Grihastha. You know the invariable rule
was that a boy was placed at a tender age under his guru
for this training; he stopped with him until he was
twenty-five to thirty; then lived as a married man fifteen
to twenty years; finally retired to the forest to resume
his spiritual studies. The use of liquors, of beef, and
certain other meats and certain vegetables, and the
relations of marriage prevent spiritual development. >>

But she also said:
>> Coll. Wr. IV, p. 342
Not that any true adept would say aught against the
naturalness and sacredness of pure sexual relationships;
But that, to become an adept one must expand the finite
into the Infinite, the personal into the Universal, man
into Parabrahm- if one so choose to designate that Thing

The mahatmas said the following:
(Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett, letter 4, p. 17, chr.
letter 5 p. 19)
>> It is true that the married man cannot be an adept, yet
without striving to become "a Raja Yogi" he can acquire
certain powers and do as much good to mankind and often
more, by remaining in the precincts of this world of his.>>

But also the following:

>> Letters from the Masters of Wisdom, second series,
letter 19, p. 41
>> Know, O brother mine, that where a truly spiritual love
seeks to consolidate itself doubly by a pure, permanent
union of the two, in its earthly sense, it commits no sin,
no crime in the eyes of the great Ain-Soph, for it is but
the divine repetition of the Male and Female Principles -
the microcosmal reflection of the first condition of
Creation. On such a union angels may well smile! But they
are rare, Brother mine, and can only be created under the
wise and loving supervision of the Lodge, in order that the
sons and daughters of clay might not be utterly
degenerated, and the Divine Love of the Inhabitants of
Higher Spheres (Angels) towards the daughters of Adam be
repeated. But even such must suffer, before they are
rewarded. Man's Atma may remain pure and as highly
spiritual while it is united with its material body; why
should not two souls in two bodies remain as pure and
uncontaminated notwithstanding the earthly passing union of
the latter two ...>>

So in short, as I see it, they may well be agreeing with J.
Krishnamurti who said in response to the following
>>Ruben: Will it help to stop sex with my wife?
>>Krishnamurti: Dr. Gonzalez, if you love, you love your
wife, then you do what you will and there is beauty in what
you do. Don't worry about sex, do it or don't. >>
(the whole interview at:

As for you're own experience - I do think that it is very
easy to mistake growth/change/widening of the personality
or the functions of the body with spiritual growth as
defined by the Mahatmas. 

Jerry wrote:
> As just one example, look at sex and the
> strong emphasis given on
> its abstinance. Blavatsky was taught that sexual celibacy
> is "necessary" for
> any real spiritual Path. This idea is in total
> disagreement with many other
> spiritual Teachers (including Buddhist Tantricism or
> Vajrayana), and with my
> own experiences. Therefore, I do not see this as a "core
> teaching" but
> rather as a cultural issue in that celibacy possibly
> helps one at the
> beginning stages of the Path, but is not at all
> essential. This is just one
> example of a "linage" teaching that may or may not exist
> in other equally
> valid linages.
> Jerry S.

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