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RE: Theos-World Monad

Oct 15, 2001 01:10 PM
by Eldon B Tucker

At 03:05 PM 10/9/01 +0930, you wrote:
Eldon - I noticed in Brigittes post she mention that Host, Monads etc
were Compounds and Molecules in a chemcial sense - is that just on that
plane - ie the physio-chemical field?


Following are some of my thoughts, in my own words, from
having studied the subject in the theosophical literature.
In this particular area of though, I've found G. de Purucker's
books the most helpful in bringing me to a clearer understanding,
although I recognize that there is no end to how much we
can explore it.

The basic and most fundamental definition of "Monad" is the
essential, eternal, perfect Self that is above space/time,
that does not directly participate in evolution, but only
shoots forth a "ray" of itself into the evolutionary process.

Since it is above existence as we know it, it's hard to
consider it as a "Self" in the usual sense. And since it's
beyond time as we know it, it also cannot be considered as
an ever-changing stream of consciousness. Therefore, either
way that it might be represented, we'd be wrong about it.

Considering the complex human entity that we are in our
physical existence, you could compare it to a monadic
molecule. That is because there is a tightly-bound family
of Monads that compose the complete human that we know.

In that molecule, we're the human Monad, the intermediate
principles, more specifically the kama-manas. Our Higher
Self would be the Reincarnating Ego. Above that is the
Spiritual Ego and Divine Ego. Below us is the animal Monad,
from which we separate at the "second death" at the end
of the kamaloka in the after-death states.

Basically, we're told that this particular compound of
centers of consciousness were bound in the current form
in the middle of the Third Root Race, when the Manasaputras
gave us "the light of mind," and members of other classes
of beings contributed to help form the complete human being.

While incarnate, it's this compound of beings, this
combined aggregate awareness that gives us the extra
lucidity that we need for our evolution. In the after-death
states, the molecule temporarily breaks apart, and each part
of our constitution goes to its own realm. We go to a
dreamlike state of Devachan. Our animal nature continues as
a kamarupa -- or in some other form? Our inner divinity returns
to its parent star. Our spiritual self returns to the seven
sacred planets. And our higher human nature is free to cycle
the globes of our planetary chain. In a general sense, we
could say that each part of us is a consciousness in its
own right, and behind it is a Monad of its own, and each has
its own home realm, apart from the periodic participation in
the compound being we know as the current-day human.

-- Eldon

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