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RE: Theos-World History of ideas, and evidence for masters

Oct 13, 2001 05:22 PM
by dalval14

Saturday, October 13, 2001

Dear Friend:

First Theosophy is not a religion. No one is asked to "believe"

Theosophy presents the history of world and human evolution. It
offers proofs that can be verified by everyone who approaches it
for information

It claims the universe runs by immutable laws which are sensitive
to an incredible degree.

It says the UNIVERSE, our EARTH and Solar System, and ourselves
exist for the purpose of Soul evolution.

It defines "soul evolution" as the acquisition through experience
by everyone of a knowledge of the rules and regulations of
Nature. [Science already demonstrates in all its departments
that LAW reigns everywhere. The evidence advanced is
overwhelming. It is only in the human kingdom, dealing with
human psychology that doubt arises as to whether LAW also rules

The problem of evil and good is resolved if one looks on human
behavior as the ability to freely choose between two widely
separated "poles of existence:" The SPIRITUAL, which is just,
universal, impartial, and true. And, the SELFISH
DESIRE/PASSIONATE NATURE, which is hypocritical, and intensely
isolationist. It is significant in evaluating these two aspects
of life and choice, to notice that the vicious persona always
pretends to be virtuous.

Theosophy explains the "freedom" of the human mind/soul to choose
its own path towards the perfection it desires (either
selfishness or universality, either vice or virtue) by drawing
attention to the universal constitution of all beings (including

These are

1.	The TRUE, Lawful, Honest SPIRITUAL realm where all beings are
considered Brothers in virtue and able to discern the true and
the harmless from the false and the tyrannical..

2.	The False, lying, hypocritical realm of the desire and the
passionate nature -- the polar opposite of the Virtuous. This is
the psycho-mental realm.

3.	The Material and the form side of all evolution whereby the
Intelligent entity at whatever level, is provided by nature with
a form consistent with its level of intelligence and the
excellences that it is able to aspire to and manifest.

This can be demonstrated as a situation that is present all
around us.

Religion comes into existence when the selfish and passionate
brain-mind of the evil-doer (pricked by Conscience and
Intuition) seeks to secure relief from possible future suffering
and pain which all innately know is the lot of the evil doer or
the ignorant.. A Priesthood that claims the power of
ameliorating disease, pain, suffering, etc.. because of some
extraordinary personal powers (usually focused on securing the
attention of "God" and winning His mitigating and obliterating

This does not take into account the needs and the redress due to
those who have been made victims and who have suffered at the
hands or words of the evil doer.

This also does not take into account the uniform and honest laws
of Nature -- which see to the redressing of wrongs and the
re-education of the evil-doers.

Punishment as conducted by Nature under LAW (Karma) is always
educative. It is an effort by impartial and universal Law, in
all NATURE, to secure the attention of those who elected to do
evil, to bring home to them the same evils they had voluntarily
inflicted on others in the past -- to make them reap the painful
consequences they had made possible for others.

The theory behind this is simple: Every aspect of Nature and the
components (life-atoms) of all beings are sensitive and share in
the divine impartiality of supportive Nature. When evil is done
either deliberately or through ignorance, these "life-atoms"
(also called the eternal Monads) are distorted and given an evil
impression. When in the future they return to the creative
person who distorted them, they bring the old distortion with
them, and attaching themselves again to this focus (the
evil-doer) they distort his life, and accidents, disease and
catastrophes result. Eventually their impact causes the person
to seek for the "Why." And then the educative and
self-reformative process begins.

If Theosophy were to confine itself to this descriptive process
it would be insufficient as the trend of progress demands the
application, universally of brotherhood -- as a "fact in nature."

Theosophy considers that all being from great to small are
animated by eternal and level living Monads. Science speaks of
the "atom" as a perpetual motion machine, whose beginning and
ending in time and space are undefinable. Theosophy endows the
"life-atoms" with intelligence (which is evident) and furthermore
states that these are the Pilgrims of Eternity, always advancing
and always growing in knowledge. The elemental atom of today
will be the human Ego in a far distant future. Just as the human
EGO/Mind of today was the elemental "atom" of a remote past.

The laws of motion, reciprocity, justice, fairness, growth in
intelligence, the fulfilling of responsibility and the duties of
assistance and care for others are evidence to us today of the
enormous line of progress facing all beings.

Coming to a consideration of the "elusive" Masters of Wisdom, all
one need to say is that they were once Men as we now are, but
they have passed through that stage (which is now ours) and
having mastered their psycho-mental nature fully they have
graduated from Humankind and its continually self-imposed
limitations. They know the great Laws of nature. They have
constituted themselves the servants of nature and they stand to
humanity as its prophets, sages and saviors because they have
espoused VIRTUE in all things and are active in doing that only.

As to why they do not manifest to us -- but they do so
constantly. We have Their teachings and They have manifested
their powers and wisdom to our predecessors. We have not yet
acquired the acuity to discern their guiding and protective hand.
That does not make them figments of some diseased imagination, it
only states that we have a distance to go before we can approach
and know them personally.

The Law in such cases is one of necessity. What have we done for
Humanity, to merit their attention?

Consider the situation of a freshman who just enters college or
university. Has he the right to claim to know what the President
does? Does he have the right to demand that the president appear
before him and explain? The existence of the University and the
texts he can study, of the Library he can visit and the museums
which store historical and pre-historical artifacts will provide
the aspirant with material to view, study and use for years
before he can secure any right to disturb the President in his
work. So it is for us and the Masters.

When we have mastered some of the laws of nature and are applying
them to assist others generously, then we may merit the attention
of the GREAT and WISE ONES. Not before.

I hope these thoughts will encourage, an assist.

best wishes,



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Sent: Saturday, October 13, 2001 8:17 AM
Subject: Theos-World History of ideas, and evidence for masters

Diana Eck in her "A New Religious America",mentions religious
tolerance by accepting each religion for what it is. This is
put slightly different with theosophy it seems, that claims
to be the one that knows the "true" origine off "all" religions,
is really "theosophy".

What I wonder also is how this is (from the perspective of the
of ideas and the underlying message, that is the inner attitude
creates) works out with theosophy , where the emphasis is "not
so much" on one source, or a God , but more on an elusive
group of
beings called Masters , and one has to "wait" till one is ready,
"they" contact you?

Thank you,
Multitudes, disciples , Master.
Profane, chelas, Master.
The chaotic, organized, Order.
Maya, Wisdom,Deity.
Every lifting up of every existing thing follows this path.
Whether one is concious of it or not doesn't make any difference
as to the
actual truth of the matter, which , by the way , H.P.B. pointed
to this as
being the REAL basis of all life and that by understanding of
all this THEN
by its very naure would naturally direct men to "Tolerance" of
all "other"
forms that also follow that order.(see above)
And as to a "NEW" book on religious perspective may i say that
good for
that individual to point out tolerance as being a "Good" thing
but it is
without a doubt , not getting to the heart of Universal Truth to
show only
similarities without pointing to the underlying priciples or laws
that are
part and parcel of the "One" thus attempting to clear up the
endless mystery
of "the One in the many".
I hope i have understood your post properly.

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