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Theos-World History of ideas, and evidence for masters

Oct 13, 2001 08:17 AM
by Nisk98114

Diana Eck in her "A New Religious America",mentions religious 
tolerance by accepting each religion for what it is. This is 
put slightly different with theosophy it seems, that claims 
to be the one that knows the "true" origine off "all" religions, that 
is really "theosophy".

What I wonder also is how this is (from the perspective of the history 
of ideas and the underlying message, that is the inner attitude that 
creates) works out with theosophy , where the emphasis is "not 
so much" on one source, or a God , but more on an elusive group of 
beings called Masters , and one has to "wait" till one is ready, and 
"they" contact you? 

Thank you, 
Multitudes, disciples , Master.
Profane, chelas, Master.
The chaotic, organized, Order.
Maya, Wisdom,Deity.
Every lifting up of every existing thing follows this path.
Whether one is concious of it or not doesn't make any difference as to the 
actual truth of the matter, which , by the way , H.P.B. pointed to this as 
being the REAL basis of all life and that by understanding of all this THEN 
by its very naure would naturally direct men to "Tolerance" of all "other" 
forms that also follow that order.(see above)
And as to a "NEW" book on religious perspective may i say that good for 
that individual to point out tolerance as being a "Good" thing but it is 
without a doubt , not getting to the heart of Universal Truth to show only 
similarities without pointing to the underlying priciples or laws that are 
part and parcel of the "One" thus attempting to clear up the endless mystery 
of "the One in the many".
I hope i have understood your post properly.

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