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RE: Brotherhood of All -- To render harmless

Oct 12, 2001 07:44 PM
by dalval14

Friday, October 12, 2001

Dear Friend:

What Eldon posts is I think important -- especially as Theosophy
and the T S are primarily aimed at explaining Universal
Brotherhood as a fundamental fact in nature.

Let us consider that which we all share.

What do we all SHARE ? In terms of materials let us look at
these: We commonly, all around the world, use water, air, and we
live on a globe of minerals, which can be used in any country.
Vegetation varies from region to region, but the human body needs
a certain amount of carbohydrates (wheat, potatoes, rice,
cereals...) proteins, oils, and these are drawn from the common
and mainly the local environment.

All these pass from place to place in time and show no respect
for man-made barriers. They act and go where they are needed.
Variations in climate drive them. But it is human thought and
feelings which are found by those who study their power that
modify climate. Imbalances and the lack of shielding the
populace from disease-causing by-products, unnecessary warmth,
are now causing the concern universally felt over "global
warming." and as the mean level of the oceans rise, coastal areas
find they have to build higher barriers against the sea which
encroaches on cities and agriculture. When will this be
addressed before a real catastrophe occurs? We laugh at the
tradition of the sinking of Atlantis and Lemuria into the oceans,
and seek to burry such evidence as is found, yet the ancient
traditions, remain as sign posts to potentials that may actually
occur in the days of our children's children, perhaps many times
removed from this, our present..

The over-production, or scarcity of foods, water, oil, energy,
etc... productive of famine, drought and certain diseases and
epidemics, demonstrate the ebb and flow of the world's Karma, and
the way in which it affects communities and sections of the many
peoples in the world, so that those who have the means, may
succor those who are temporarily placed at a disadvantage. These
are the tests of Brotherhood and of the generosity of nations and

Passing to our POLITICAL BARRIERS -- their limits constantly
fluctuate as time passes. History reveals in these changes, that
they only represent temporal spheres of influence, which satisfy
the members of passing governments, but which the average family
has little use for.

Nationality is an imposition of a life-time, or is changed, if
one decides to emigrate, and reside under different political

Everyone is a citizen and a democrat, until tyranny, individual
or collective, applies terror, and the illegal imposition of
"force," and consequent fear, as instruments of coercion. This
is the illustration that history brings to us to see how vice is
made manifest. Those who submit, invite it to grow, and in
effect, their non-resistance encourages its growth.

We see this in families, in communities and in those nations
which apply (or applied) it in a regional, a communal, or a
global manner.

Who needs "government" if virtue is adopted by individuals as
their personal way of treating all others? VIRTUE is the
unifier -- it is Universal Brotherhood in practice. It is the
recognition of the immortal Soul -- the Mind -- in every human
that abolishes these distinctions. The adoption of the
principles of fair and just equity in framing such governments as
we have, is indicative of the historical change that has swept
the world in the past 3 centuries and is gradually bringing the
benefits of education, knowledge and honest, sincere
self-regulation to remote areas. But the suppressed SPIRIT IN
MAN, in areas of traditional oppression, takes a while to return
to the innate freedom that is shared by his Real Self with all
others -- a Brotherhood and a sense of responsibility due to all
other Souls -- on an equal basis.

COLOR OF THE SKIN is largely a matter of environment and
exposure -- those living in equatorial latitudes generally are
darker as a matter of self protection. In the higher latitudes
of the Earth where the power of the Sun is a variable, the skin
tends to be fairer.

Next let us consider ENGINEERING -- a Science that gathers the
best knowledge of a people or a culture and its wiser members to
practical use. But historically if we look to the evidence of
applied Science.

SCIENCE is a common base of learning. No one can patent a Law of
Nature, but, they can discover how it works. Nature is endlessly
creative. Science and a knowledge of it, like engineering which
applies it, is a common tool and has no barriers in terms of
location, time or community. Mathematics, physics, chemistry,
biology, astronomy, aviation, navigation, hydrology, plant and
agricultural science (to name only a few) are common areas of
knowledge. And although they may have local and special
applications, they all demonstrate the community of their innate
Brotherhood. It is the discovery and the application of the Laws
of Nature to assisting man's living that erases any barriers that
may be assumed.

Let us consider NATURE. it is substratum that underlies all
things, be they on our Earth or in the far reaches of the
Galaxies which fade into invisibility, yet continually radiate
their presence in various ways; till, to the mind of the
Astronomer, it dawns that the entire Space of our total
environment is one vast SUN -- a glowing, living mass of living
substance with perhaps enormous variations, yet all are
interactive and cooperative.

Our SCIENTISTS in various disciplines, are continually unveiling
the operations of law in whatever department that they
investigate. In brief: Nature contains all. Nature is ALL.
NATURE ensures the right to live and develop to all its
uncountable components. This is Universal Brotherhood in the
infinities of SPACE.

What shall we say of RELIGION? is it a matter of knowledge? a
matter of Tradition? does it agree with Science and scientific
discoveries? And if not, then, Why not ? Who dares to challenge
and investigate? The fact that the world hosts a multiplicity of
religious groups and that secular governments permit them to
practice is indicative of the underlying Brotherhood of Mankind
which is ever on a Universal basis of practice.

Students of many theologies and religions, on investigation,
comparatively, into the roots of their respective faiths have
uniformly discovered that the fundamentals of all of these are
identical. From the UNKNOWN sweeps the manifestation of
evolution: Spiritual and Pure -- Deific, Active and
investigatory -- Intellectual and emotional. Inert, and
indifferent -- ignorant and selfish.

These are the three universal component of all systems and worlds
on which Intelligent evolution proceeds. These are regulated by
the most uniform and regular law of "give and take." The object
of the evolutionary thrust is to develop in the human mind the
capacity of grasping and dealing with every aspect of the living
Universe. It starts with his own nature and then applies that
knowledge to the rest. The result is an achievement of a Goal

Efforts to create cults, sects, and to distinguish a person
according to his heredity, color, religion, nation, etc. are all
failures because each person is an INDIVIDUAL and his particular
qualities enable him to cover a variety of local parameters.
These designations, or "labels" are gratuitous. They tend to
designate certain differences rather then to unite. They are the
causes of the unnatural cruelties we see around us

The more one tries to straight-jacket people, the less they fit
prejudices. Expressions of "faith" unbacked by proof, or strict
reasoning and logic, enable the ignorant to espouse causes which
denigrate others as distinguished by difference. This is vicious
and can easily be identified by two factors: personal
selfishness and isolation.

>From these vices arise pride, arrogance, authority, anger, fear,
ignorance, and the attempt to achieve domination over others,
unlawful restrictions and Laws, and these cause the avenues for
the attainment of knowledge to be gradually restricted.
Historically Europe underwent a thousand years of such darkness
between the destruction of the last Now-Platonists c. 600 AD and
the period of the Renaissance c. 1600 AD.

It is the personality which allows individuals to attempt to
dominate and reduce to various kinds of servitude others.

So let us all be warned. Let not mediocrity and authority try to
submerge the creative sense of universalized Brotherhood based on
the community of substance, knowledge, tolerance, and the
Spiritual Unity of all beings which is found expressed as the
Brotherhood of the Family of Man, let it not overwhelm us all.

Best wishes,



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