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watch out for those incoming bunker busters

Oct 12, 2001 06:19 PM
by Eldon B Tucker

At 04:16 PM 10/12/01 -0700, you wrote:
>From Progressive News, Sam Smith --


[While there is no mention of nuclear devices in the bunker busters
mentioned above, there have been long-standing plans to use them]
It's good to continue to stay aware of the
horrors of war, and of the terrible damage
that the most destructive weapons can inflict.
No one in their right mind wants war; it's
something forced upon people, most often in
self-defense. That's what I see the American
action now -- we're taking action to protect
ourselves from an enemy intent on acquiring
weapons of mass destruction and using them
against us.

Although several nations have atomic weapons,
none have used them so far. Everyone has
shown great restraint. We've gone to great
expense to fight conventional warfare in order
to avoid using them. This is the opposite of
what Bin Laden's group would do to us. We're
targeting the terrorist cells as much as possible,
and taking efforts to avoid civilian casualties.

Bin Laden would reverse this. He would target
large civilian populations and seek to kill
them with atomic weapons, if he got some and
had a way of getting them on site. If we don't
actively seek to make harmless his military
operations, we'll be on the receiving end of
significant attacks on our civilian population.

We are, I think, in serious danger, and many
people are risking their lives to protect us.
They are taking on greater risks in order to
reduce the accidental harm to innocent civilians.

Although American was targeted this time, it's
western nations in general that are threatened.
Any nation that isn't Islamic could be considered
targeted, be it Germany, France, England, Spain,
the United States, or dozens of others.

These are dangerous times when a small band of
terrorists could conceivably obtain the power
to serious damage whole nations. Once a group
has made its intentions known, and taken its
first steps in that direction, the world has no
choice but to respond.

I'm still waiting, hopeful, that the Islamic
community will join in with protests against
Bin Laden and his tactics, which are not supported
in the Koran. By their silence, they give the
world the impression that such actions are
acceptable to people of their faith, rather than
an evil which harms the world and insults the
Islamic faith by claiming to be associated with it.

-- Eldon

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