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Re: Theos-World ATTENTION: [CARTIERX] Fwd: terrorists on halloween?

Oct 11, 2001 10:14 PM
by leonmaurer

I found that the previous message forwarded with reference to the alleged 
warning of a terrorist attack on Holloween was a hoax. Check it out for 
yourself at the following site:


In a message dated 10/11/01 1:34:46 PM, LeonMaurer writes:

>Don't know if this warning is a hoax or not. But if not, I would be 
>if I didn't pass it on and one of us got hurt. Use your own judgment,
>and take care while you have fun on Holloween. Len
>Forwarded Message: 
>Subj: Theos-World ATTENTION: [CARTIERX] Fwd: terrorists on halloween?
>Date: Wednesday, October 10, 2001 9:12:55 PM
>To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;;
>From: (Pendragon)
>To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;;
>In a message dated 10/10/01 4:13:19 PM, writes:
>Subject: important notice about October 31
>This was forwarded to me by a credible friend and I thought I would
>pass it on. At the
>moment this is not listed on the Urban Legend's website page.
>Subject: Malls on 10/31
>Hi All -
> I think you all know that I don't send out hoaxes and don't do the
>reactionary thing and send out anything that crosses my path. This one,
>however, is a friend of a friend and I've given it enough credibility in
>mind that I'm writing it up and sending it out to all of you.
>My friend's friend was dating a guy from Afghanistan up until a month ago.
>She had a date with him around 9/6 and was stood up. She was understandably
>upset and went to his home to find it completely emptied. On 9/10, she
>received a letter from her boyfriend explaining that he wished he could
>her why he had left and that he was sorry it had to be like that.
>The part worth mentioning is that he BEGGED her not to get on any commercial
>airlines on 9/11 and to not to go any malls on Halloween. As soon as
>everything happened on the 11th, she called the FBI and has since turned
>the letter.
>This is not an email that I've received and decided to pass on. This came
>from a phone conversation with a long-time friend of mine last night.
>I may be wrong, and I hope I am. However, with one of his warnings being
>correct and devastating, I'm not willing to take the chance on the second
>wanted to make sure that people I cared about had the same information
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>Have a blessed day!
>Hal Becton
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