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Bin Laden and so on.

Oct 11, 2001 10:00 PM
by bri_mue

You know what wonders me is Bin Laden and his backers must have known 
the US would come after them, they almost hitt the white house. So 
what overall plan do these people have next ?
I don't mean the danger of chemical weapons (I hope not), but 
international. The wild card in the game seems to me if an alliance 
comes about between Moslem fundamentalists and china. And maybe that 
is why this issue with Afghanistan is also important. To make a 
strategic rearrangement now, so that a future war with China has less 
chance of happening.
Wonder what's really going on with Pakistan, they know they will 
loose Kashmir (the support they where giving the Moslems there) yet 
they do seem to oppose Bin Laden .
Chinese convoys were carrying armed Chinese Muslim servicemen through 
northwest China into Afghanistan to support the Taliban militia prior 
to the U.S. offensive. On a Hong Kong news site however I read 
that the Chines governement claims they themselve have problems with 
the Moslim fundamentalists. 
The US knows where Bin Laden's men in Afghanistan are dug in. US 
crack troops escorted by Russian elite forces intelligence officers, 
armed with maps of a Little Pamir site the Soviet Union occupied and 
abandoned in 1993 are approaching three hide outs in Afghanistan's 
Pamir Mountain Area.Bounded by Tadjikistan in the north, Chinese 
Xinkiang in the East, Pakistan's Northern areas leading into Kashmir 
in the south, the peaks of the Pamir range average 20,000 ft. A 
cardinal problem for the United States in keeping Bin Laden caged is 
China's refusal to cooperate in its war on terror. While the Russians 
have strung 25-30,000 troops along their frontier with Afghanistan, 
the Afghan-Chinese frontier into Xinjiang is wide open. Bin Laden can 
look forward to a helping hand there from the local Moslem 
fundamentalists, over whom Beijing, maybe has little control. 
Many Pentagon officials believe that another state may well have been 
involved in the September 11 attacks, not least because of their 
sophistication and complexity. And there is one possible "smoking 
gun" in the public domain: an alleged meeting last June in Prague 
between a senior Iraqi intelligence official and one of the September 
11 terrorists. 
However Saddam Hussein's younger son Qusai now has de facto control 
over Iraq's Foreign Ministry. This change is a key step toward future 
normalization of relations with the United States. 


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