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RE: Theos-World Memories of Past Lives

Oct 09, 2001 05:10 PM
by dalval14

Tuesday, October 09, 2001

Dear Friend:

Bamian is a severe loss of work done by The Adepts of the 2nd
Sub-race of the Aryans about 1 million years back. (see SECRET
DOCTRINE on this S D II 319, 336-40, 728, also H P B CAVES &
JUNGLES, pp 609-10fn)

H.P.Blavatsky says the statues on Easter Island (Rapa Nui) date
back to Atlanto-Lemurian times with an antiquity of about 4
million years. [ S D I 322, 439, II 224, 326-8, 316, 331,
336-7. ]

In India I have visited dozens of ancient rock-cut temples
Ajanta, Ellora, Karli, Bagh, Badhja, Yogeshwari, Kanheri...) and
in the same country, I have seen some most ancient built
temples -- some with astronomical observatories adjacent to them.
[ H.P.Blavatsky mentions some of these in her CAVES & JUNGLES OF

In Cambodia there is Ankor (also named Nagkon) Wat and nearby
about 90 temples in a 50 mile complex in and around the walled
city Ankor Thom with its central Temple, the Bayon dedicated to
Vishvakarma. [ In The SECRET DOCTRINE H.P.Blavatsky states that
the Adepts of the sinking continent of Lemuria moved West to
these lands which they knew would remain above the encroaching
water, and built these marvelous temples there S D II 430 ]

In South Java near Jog Djakarta is the Borobudur, and 30 miles
away, is a 1,000 temple complex named Prambanand (said to have
been built in a night by Shiva).

Traveling around the Mediterranean and its many islands one finds
dozens of "Cyclopean" structures: fortifications, temples, piers
and docks.

In the Middle East, Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Central Asia,
Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc...there are hundreds more.

And then one leaves out the many ancient druidic and pre-druidic
ruins in France, Spain, Great Britain, Scandinavia. {Carnac,
Stonehenge, Avesbury, and dozens of dolmens, menhirs and other
structure now called "tombs." The significance of churches being
built over the sites of ancient Druidic temples has produced the
study of the lines of influence that carpet Britain and Europe --
the "lay lines."

The world of the Americas, north, central and south is littered
with marvelous remains mostly unexplained today, as the Spanish
invaders were careful to burn or destroy all clues as to their
real meaning -- and so on. The list if one ever made it up would
be overwhelming.

I wish someone cold make a catalog or write up a survey of these
many wonders and illustrate a map of the world with the "lay
lines" that seem to interplay.

We speak of the "Bermuda Triangle" and its mystery in regard to
navigational and other problems, disorientation, etc... and there
are parts and places in the world where there are nodes of
gravity changes and alterations.

Another volume like ISIS UNVEILED could be written on these

But this does not necessarily restore proof of perspective to the

One wonders how they drew their star-maps -- the perspective of
the heavens from the earth.

Then there are the mysterious maps of Piri Reis -- showing
Antarctica in detail before Columbus discovered Cuba and Central

Have heard of the book issued a few years ago (1600 pages of
detail) named FORBIDDEN ARCHAEOLOGY ? Published in San Diego.
Most interesting and revealing as to how paleontologists tend to
suppress evidence that upsets their theories about the existence
of early human fossils in America.

The evidence for the ancient WISDOM RELIGION are very many when
they are gathered together and compared as H.P.Blavatsky does in

Best wishes,



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It is perfectly true that one can trace the evolution of
perspective in art as described, but that does not imply an
ignorance of the art in antiquity.

We can only say we have few if any evidences of truly ancient
art, architecture and sculpture that seem to use our present
criteria of geometrical perspective. It does not mean that did
not exist.

Best wishes,

We could've said or pointed to the Bamian statues , couldn't we?

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