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RE: Theos-World Monad

Oct 08, 2001 10:31 PM
by nos

Eldon - I noticed in Brigittes post she mention that Host, Monads etc
were Compounds and Molecules in a chemcial sense - is that just on that
plane - ie the physio-chemical field?



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|Here's something I wrote on "Monad" on another theosophical 
|list about 5 1/2 years ago. It might serve as some starting 
|comments on your question.
|-- Eldon
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|Here, I think, we're getting into a situation where the same 
|term in Theosophy is used in more than one way. One use of 
|"Monad" is as the imperishable spark of divinity within the 
|heart of any being. This is not an entity, and not engaged in 
|separate activities. It is rather that part of ourselves which 
|is rooted in the divine, which transcends manifest existence 
|and the participation in the time and space of our world. It 
|is not an entity with activities of its own, but rather a 
|principle or quality of consciousness which we experience, a 
|very deep experience we have of our roots dipping into the Unknown.
|Another use of the term "Monad" is in reference to our 
|composite nature, while living as a human on this earth (Globe 
|D). This composite being is an aggregation of lives, each with 
|its own volition and activity. There is a divine part of this 
|constitution, which could be called a divine ego or monad, a 
|spiritual part or ego, a spiritual-intellectual part or higher 
|human ego, an self-conscious, thinking, human part or ego, an 
|animal nature, and the vegetative, sense-based outer nature. 
|Each of these egos is the expression of a *different Monad*, 
|although they come together to form the total man in embodied 
|existence on this earth.
|(In case anyone is confused at this point, they also come 
|together to form the total woman too, although by the time of 
|the sixth Root Race gender will be a moot point since the 
|separation of the sexes may have ended.)
|The composite nature that we have, while in embodied 
|existence, has to do with both occult and esoteric mysteries 
|which can be challenging to comprehend, but tremendously 
|valuable to realize!
|How can both meanings of the term "Monad" be true? Because 
|although we are human egos, the manifestation of human Monads, 
|we also have in potential the higher egos within ourselves, 
|although the egos of actual higher beings fill that role for 
|us at present. And we have in recessive nature the lower egos 
|within ourselves, but no longer need to function in them, 
|having lower Monads to perform that function for us. We are, 
|in manifest, fully-embodied life, a living cosmos!
|When you refer to the bodies/egos as remote sensory devices, 
|it's partly true. The functioning of the monadic consciousness 
|continues within us, but with our preoccupation with "the 
|game" we let ourselves become unaware of it, or it takes a 
|back seat to our play on the stage of life. We, the totality 
|of us, is active in life, *doing it*, but because of our 
|attention being place on the constraints of the 'physical 
|puzzles' we are solving, we forget for the moment our full 
|extent of consciousness.
|The third aspect of Monads is that we have a center of 
|consciousness build up for ourselves in every world or plane 
|on which we may come into existence on. That center of 
|consciousness has its associated Shandhas or attributes, build 
|out of the living substance of its corresponding world. These 
|Shandhas are drawn together as we come into birth on that 
|realm, and we rebecome ourselves thereon. While not in 
|existence in a realm, time ceases *for us*, our respective 
|egos are suspended, latent in our inner nature, and we either 
|enjoy relative timelessness or the time and space of another 
|world, clothing ourselves in the ego or garment we've evolved 
|to experience it in.
|Regarding occult knowledge and esotericism, I'd say that 
|occult knowledge consists of specific techniques to accomplish 
|things in the world -- both things of science and things 
|regarding the invisible realms. Esotericism, on the other 
|hand, deals with wisdom, a general understanding of the nature 
|of living things, and is not concerned with the specific 
|details of doing thing thing or that thing. An occult 
|technique would be knowing how to make it rain. An esoteric 
|insight would be understanding the right way to express 
|compassion in the world.
|At 08:02 PM 10/8/01 -0700, you wrote:
|>Could someone please clarify the Monad concept.
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