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Re: Theos-World Aryans in India

Oct 05, 2001 11:47 PM
by Etzion Becker

All I wish for you is *all best wishes*. Good luck. Etzion
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Subject: RE: Theos-World Aryans in India

> Etzion - your words are so carefully chosen - just like Leon. 'hooked up
> after atrocities' - I mean seriously are you trying to get a job with
> CNN?
> I want to go back further than 20th century. Let's go back to the
> earliest records and start from scratch... Then when we are finished we
> will have a document that can be handed to anybody showing them all the
> atrcoities committed by man. It would be sobering I think. Of course
> the Jews have never killed anyone....
> Also regarding the 'exact records' - wasn't a book recently released
> that managed to trace many survivors back to New York and other
> destinations that had been considered on the dead list. The book lists
> at least 300 - I only read the review of the book though - by a jewish
> author as well. That's good news I think - that people are alive I mean.
> I don't drink Coffee - it's a drug!
> Croissant - is that a french pastry. Can't say I've ever tried one. My
> bread is all unlevened. 

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