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RE: Theosophy Magazine, May, 1958

Oct 03, 2001 05:43 AM
by dalval14

Tuesday, October 02, 2001

Thanks Harry

I reviewed it again

It is basic to the freedom we all. have as MINDS.

Think of the description of the MONAD ( any Monad). Long before
this present "manifestation/Manvantara, all MONADS have existed.

If they are immortals, then ask why is it that they enter a cycle
of "self-consciousness?"

H.P.Blavatsky describes in The SECRET DOCTRINE the Monad as

ATMA -- a Ray of the UNIVERSAL SPIRIT ( See how Krishna
describes it in the B Gita -- "I established this whole Universe

BUDDHI is that aspect "which chose to occupy a "lesser position."
[ B. GITA NOTES, pp, 132-3] It is also called PRIMORDIAL MATTER.

One of its qualities is that like the golden vase in the Gayatri
verse, it is capable of withstanding the piercing power of the
ATMA and thus serve as a transmitter of that POWER to other
beings (including our human principles). The first in line is

It is not mentioned as a part of the MONAD. But, ask yourself
from our standpoint, what is it that can distinguish between
(root-matter) , and WISDOM the sum of accumulated experience (in
the Akas) which has endured and is also eternal? It has to be
the MANAS.

MANAS forms the link between the IMPERSONAL SPIRITUAL EGO and the
embodied intelligence (its reflection in matter) . What is this
matter? It is also made up of MONADS. But in a way, one can say
that this collectivity, drawn together under KARMA, consists of
Monads of lesser experience [see SECRET DOCTRINE I 632-4 -- those
pages to be carefully studied] that have aggregated (as
skandhas) to form a vehicle for each of them to participate in
the growing experience of contact with ATMA-BUDDHI-MANAS the
INDIVIDUALITY. There H.P.Blavatsky speaks of "countless
spiritual Forces -- to which she gives no specific name at that
point. [ That is something we ought to research in The SECRET
DOCTRINE, as it offers clues to the various evolutionary schemes
of DIFFERENT PLANES. [See S D II 33-4, I 628-9, I 618-9, II

If The SECRET DOCTRINE is correct, then everything in matter,
visible or invisible, is phenomena since the forces that cause
"materiality as a quality" on this plane stand BEHIND the form,
and as karma passes (I mean the eternal balancing of causes and
effects), these forces modify the form.

[Consider the catastrophe of Sep. 11th in New York, as a
manifestation of a concatenation of Karmic effects that not only
determined the life line of many individuals by death, or
dreadful wounding, or in some other fashion as imagined wealth

But, it is an objective example of the way in which we are so
closely allied -- it has shaken the world in no uncertain
measure. The ripple of effects has spread out to touch every
nation and state. It illustrates the vast unity that makes this
in effect a ONE WORLD. -- I ask myself however, for how long will
the poignancy be retained as a point of memory.

Yes the World has been wounded through the agency of the: 1.
final termination (in so many horrible ways) of so many
apparently innocent lives. 2. the temporary disruption of world
and US economic and financial life-currents, 3. the freedoms of
travel and communication will be restricted hereafter to tedium.
4. The awakened fears, doubts and suspicions, which yesterday
the average person was not so frighteningly conscious of. And so
on... But how many will seek for the causes, or the significance
of the event as something other than the savage and careless will
of a demented terrorist and his troops ? How deeply will our
attention to cause extend below, beneath and before the actual
physical event ? How does it happen that this group allowed
itself to be selected to perform such a ghastly tragedy? What
have we done as a nation, as a world to merit such a devastating
pause to our progress. Is that "progress" we selected with which
to measure "success" flawed ? Dare we investigate? A single
event, so carefully selected, causes a large recession, and
endless problems for transport, communications, the value of
assets, etc... You may say what has Theosophy to do with these
things. I would answer that it cannot be excluded. Theosophy is
not in the business of trading, but is observes how trading
proceeds, it looks at the ethico-moral principles that are
employed -- are the poor and the defenseless, and the ignorant,
being adequately protected by the disinterest, the honesty, and
the universal morality that all business processes claim to
operate under? If not, then why not ? ]

A House, a Book, a Tree, a Mountain, a River, are to our minds
evidence of stability, yet we also acknowledge that over time,
wear and tear cause alterations -- each has an "average"
life-span. For our purposes we select a slab of time, and say
they are stable for that period. They are objects. When we
inquire into their reality and continuance we are told that the
forces that "created them" are "subjective." This subjectivity
may be referred to the way in which we feel and or think about
those "objects."

There is so much that could be said. I was reading THE FRIENDLY
PHILOSOPHER with Val last night, and pages 213-215 seem to have
some key ideas that help understand our situation. Perhaps you
have time to also read them?

Best wishes, as always,



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Your last paragraph about the mission of Theosophy is very well

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We all have contact with theosophy inside. It is an expressions
of law. We may not call it theosophy but that does not exclude
it. We may not know the freezing or boiling point of water on a
thermometer, but that does not prevent water from obeying its
laws. It will freeze or boil depending on the temperature it is
subjected to.

The great teachings about LAW are in all religions. The mission
of Theosophy is to restore to individuals the right and privilege
of examining those laws directly and without any intermediaries.

That is very significant. But that does not prevent people
insisting on remaining inert and ignorant -- hence uncertain and
fearful. -- D T B

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