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Re: Theos-World Why US 'Imperialialism', 'Racism' is NOT to Blame...

Oct 01, 2001 07:36 PM
by Michele Lidofsky

nos wrote:

> Thanks for the Link - I'm working through it now - I'll get back to you
> with my thoughts. 

I'll be interested to hear your comments, send 'em along...

> Have you read any Malcolm Booker? He is perhaps my
> main source of political commentary on middle eastern situations. We
> studied Iraq from his POV at University and it has perhaps moulded my
> own beliefs the most.

No, I haven't read Booker, but I'll look him up on a search engine
tonight after I finish my mail, and check his work out.

I try to read as many commentators as possible (of all persuasions)
before coming to my personal conclusions.

> Regards
> Nos
> (not ONLY sarcastic!) ;)

glad to hear that, nos!
Best, Michele

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