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RE: Theos-World Why US 'Imperialialism', 'Racism' is NOT to Blame...

Oct 01, 2001 07:20 PM
by nos

HI Michele,

Thanks for the Link - I'm working through it now - I'll get back to you
with my thoughts. Have you read any Malcolm Booker? He is perhaps my
main source of political commentary on middle eastern situations. We
studied Iraq from his POV at University and it has perhaps moulded my
own beliefs the most.



(not ONLY sarcastic!) ;)

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Subject: Theos-World Why US 'Imperialialism', 'Racism' is NOT 
to Blame...

Jonah Goldberg writes:

"Bernard Lewis, perhaps the greatest living English-language historian
of the Middle East, wrote a brilliant essay eleven years ago in
the Atlantic entitled "The Roots of Muslim Rage." It is the 
best short piece I've found on this subject to date, and I 
think anyone interested in this topic should read it. 

Lewis (also) shows that while Israel is obviously unpopular in 
the Arab world, it may not be for the reasons so many knee-jerk 
Israel foes believe....."

An important set of articles giving a valuable brief synopsis 
of East/West history and cultural conflict. Well worth reading.


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