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RE: Law

Sep 30, 2001 03:10 AM
by dalval14

Sunday, September 30, 2001

Dear Friend:

Your observation as to the nature of my statement or question,
classifying it as "manas-oriented" is curious.

Aside from MANAS -- the Mind in its collective sense, as H P B
describes it in the KEY TO THEOSOPHY (HPB) and in The SECRET
DOCTRINE -- appears to be held in some contempt.

Why and how this should be I do not know as it makes no good
logical sense to me. Perhaps it is the equivalent of saying in
another context: There are no laws at all in the Universe.
Since this is patently inaccurate, I feel I have to leave all
arguments aside Our views of the Universe and its workings seem
diametrically opposite. I agree I do not grasp what is the main
point of your statements. Mine are based always and entirely on
the presumption that in our manifested Universe all operates
under Nature's uniform laws. The word "chaos" means that to us
it appears there is lawlessness in effect at some early time.
Actually there is no such thing. The concept of lawlessness
cannot be supported without the counterbalancing effect of a
Nature that cannot be destroyed either actually or in
oncept. -- That's as I understand it.

I do not understand this, as none of the "principles" is either
superior or inferior to any other among them. They are all
SEVEN-FOLD and share in each other fully -- constituting the 49

Further MANAS or the Mind is a faculty with links direct to the
ABSOLUTE as I read The SECRET DOCTRINE. If anything in the
period of manifestation it serves as a fulcrum, a balance point
between SPIRIT and PRIMORDIAL MATTER (BUDDHI) and it is a
principle that is unaffected by either of the two while it

Best wishes,



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Dear Friend:
Re: LAW in the UNIVERSE and in our LIVES.
We may disagree, but in presenting that which I have gathered
Theosophy, I do no moiré than present in an open /forum the
statements that
seem so valuable to us.>>

As do I, Dallas.

<<<Our situation is seemingly a mixture of chaos and law. Which

Such a manas-oriented question suggests that you still don't
follow what I
have been trying to say. I take the blame, and obviously have not
been able
to use the right words. I don't think we are "disagreeing"
Dallas, so much
as you just don't seem to understand what I am saying.

With dualities, neither can ever "predominate." The idea of one
predominating over the other is exactly the logical fault that I
was trying
to show in your past arguments. If either side predominated, then
would no longer be a duality, would there?

<<<If chaos, then we could not be here,>>>

And if order, then we would never be able to change - order tends
stagnate, it seeks permanency, and only chaos allows changes, and
are what evolution is all about, and so evolution is entirely
dependent on
chaos, but without order there would be nothing to evolve, and so
both are
necessary and both are always present. And this is all I am
trying to say.

The very essential nature of law/order includes within it the
validity of
chaos. The human mind (including yours, I suspect) cannot
conceive, or form
a concept, of the one, without forming a contrasting concept of
the other,
and all dualities operate this way. This is why our ancient myths
describe creation as Order rising up from a boundless sea of
Chaos, or light
coming out of a background of darkness.

Jerry S.

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