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Re: honest and cunning sources

Sep 29, 2001 06:30 AM
by DNisk98114

Message: 2
Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2001 06:26:04 +0200
From: "Etzion Becker" <>
Subject: Re: honest and cunning sources

Thanks Eldon for your refreshing words. It is clearly obvious that we, who
claim to follow the spiritual lines, must stay away from politics. Politics
is a game of power, who dominates whom, who takes advantage of whom, there
are no good guys, nor bad guys here, America is not the great satan, and
Israel is not the small satan, and Islam and its fanatics are also is not a
satan. There are ignorant people, whose subconscious minds are full of
filth, which was accumulated over eons of wrong activity, of discarding the
Truth, and now clothe themselves under nice flags, in order to justify their
evil minds, but they won't take the necessary steps to purge their own
minds. The true Jihad is the Jihad for purging the lower self, it has never
meant to destroy human beings, people have never understood the Prophet, as
they never understood Christ, nor Moses, nor all the prophets. Where you see
people fighting an external evil, whomsoever, take heed, they are simply
stupid, ignorant humans, they simply don't have the spiritual backbone to
delve within themselves, to tackle their own stench. Let us concentrate on
the real spiritual path, which is taking spiritual responsibility, and
forget all this sad world of illusion, lest we ourselves will be drown as
well in it, and only add to its misery. Love, Etzion
Yea and verily....

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