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Re: Chomsky interview

Sep 28, 2001 08:05 PM
by leonmaurer

Sorry I sent all of you on my list the Noam Chomsky interview without 
pointing you to the opposing viewpoint -- so that we can carefully evaluate 
his credibility and motives as well as the truth or falsity of his 

By this oversight, I did not mean to imply that I agreed with him. The 
immensity and horror of this last terroristic attack on America cannot be 
compared to any open and responsive defensive or protective military actions 
in the past by any legitimate governments -- whether correctly chosen or not. 

There cannot be peace on Earth, regardless of any defensive means taken to 
protect our homeland and its citizens from future terrorism, until all 
terrorist threats have been eliminated entirely by whatever means, either by 
carefully targeted offensive action with as little loss of innocent civilian 
life as possible -- or otherwise, if there is any possible alternative. It is 
also unconscionable for us to condemn an entire religion or race for the 
actions of a few of its fanatical members.

Also, when I said "open minds" -- I meant, it is always valuable to study 
both sides of any controversial subject so that one can get a full 
understanding of the opposing opinions in order to formulate and strengthen 
one's own convictions -- which should be based on both justice as well as 
humanitarian principles. 

To balance the picture with regard to Chomsky's statement -- here is an 
opposing commentary from an apparently highly reliable source.

(printable version)

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