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RE: [bn-study] Re: Future Applications of the TRUTH

Sep 27, 2001 04:35 PM
by dalval14

Thursday, September 27, 2001

Re: Theosophy for Children.

Dear Friends:

The teaching of Theosophy begins at home and is the basis that is
really universal. What happens in a family is that imperceptibly
the children reflect such virtues as the whole family endorses
and practices.

Children always observe their parents, teachers and friends. By
reason of their recent return into incarnation, and learning how
to use and control a new instrument, they usually manifest first
of all a desire to learn and to copy their elders. Primarily one
may detect: honesty, lone and sincerity.

But they are very attentive, and soon, they detect insincerity
and dishonesty in word or action. Being young and relatively
defenseless, they find it difficult to resist such pressures and
may soon follow the examples they see around them. Of course
they also bring with them their own character as developed up to
time when they died out of their past personality in the
immediately preceding life.

Karmically, children are born into families where they resume the
trend of self-education which they had adopted and used in their
previous lives. As they grow older they always have the same
opportunities we already do of making their own decisions. Thus
they develop their own present personalities.

In the U L T we have "Theosophy School" at many of the Lodges for
the children.

As text we have a book named THE ETERNAL VERITIES. The book
contains the main theosophical ideas arranged into chapters, and
these are accompanied by illustrations, stories, questions to ask
the children, and answers to some of the more usual questions.

For the use of those who teach, there is a MANUAL TO THE "ETERNAL
VERITIES." More detail is given there about the logic of
Theosophical doctrines and greater attention is paid to the
answering of the children's questions. Additional stories are

The Table of contents of the ETERNAL VERITIES reads:

The Path
The First Truth "Never was I not, Never shall I Cease to BE."
Life is not born, nor Dies. All is Life.
Act for and as the SELF (of all creatures).
God cannot be less than Space.
The Origin of all Things.
Thoughts are the Seeds of Karma.
KARMA: Evil swells the Debts to Pay. Good, Delivers and Acquits.
Socrates Teaches a Child.
Causes sown each Hour, bear each their Harvest of Effects.
Cycles -- Cycles are the Clock of Karma.
Our Solar System
Sow a Thought, reap an Act, and a Habit. .Sow a Habit and reap a
The Tale of the Banana Peel
The Magic Paper
The Making of the Sword
The Turn of the Wheel.
Reincarnation: Many a House of Life hath held me.
I am the EGO which is Seated in the Heart of all Beings.
A Reminiscence - That Thou Art.
Do we Remember ?
Evolution -- The Ladder of Being
The SELF shines in all, but in all it does not shine forth
Does the Form produce the Mind ?
The Elder Brothers -- Man, the most intelligent being in the
has never been without a friend.
Lessons for Special Days
Spring Equinox
May 8th, WHITE LOTUS DAY ( on Mme. Blavatsky -- Life and Work)

These books are available through BLAVATSKY.NET or direct from
the publishers

Theosophy Company.
245 W. 33rd St.,
LOS ANGELES, Ca., 90007

[Phone: 213-748-7244]

Best wishes,



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All we did was to be models to our only daughter, teaching her
values like
honesty, integrity, hard work, assertiveness, compassion for
human and
other living beings, and so on, on a day to day basis. Theosophy
was also
discussed in her presence when we had lodge meetings at home.
reading materials are part of our collection, and she may read
them if she

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