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RE: [bn-basic] Re: greenhorn

Sep 27, 2001 04:34 PM
by dalval14

Thursday, September 27, 2001

Dear Althea:

The full title of that book by H.P.Blavatsky is ISIS UNVEILED .

It was the first book she wrote in 1877 and it created a great
stir in all scientific, literary and religious circles and sold
out in a week. It was reprinted many times. A photographic
reprint of the Original Edition can be had from Theosophy
Company, Los Angeles . [ Phone: 213-748-7244 ]

It is one of the most valuable compendiums giving evidence of the
unexplained phenomena that had been observed down the ages, and
therefore it opened the eyes of readers to the areas of events
and knowledge that had hitherto been regarded as myth and
superstition -- they suddenly became aware that strange and
inexplicable events in nature were still happening and those
needed to be more closely examined.

This opened the door to certain fundamental Theosophical
propositions :

1.	The UNIVERSE IS A UNITY. It is the manifestation of a
spiritual, divine principle that is equally in ALL BEINGS, Man
included. Religions AT THEIR SOURCE teach this.

2.	"GOD" by whatever name was / is NOT a "Personal Being." The
Universe is too vast for a single Entity to run and manage.
However there is plainly evident a great LAW and a series of
sub-Laws that serve as "managers."

In no way can it be justified that a "Personal God" will play
favorites for some people and reject others. "Prayers," praise,
petitions are thus seen to be useless. But in contrast, our
attention is focused on the great and uniform VIRTUES that every
religion and every prophet emphasizes. We have to understand and
practice them. They are impartial and always constructive and
protective to all beings. "Deity," or "God," is an impersonal
concept, and is seen to be uniformly diffused throughout Nature
omnipresent). It is to be recognized and known by its LAWS
(omnipotence). Science examines Nature which already contains
and exhibits these laws in action (omniscient).

3.	Evolution is universal. The Atom, for instance, is deemed to
be not only a center of enormous electro-magnetic force, but is
not "physical."

Theosophical philosophy and research states (like Science) that
it is eternally in motion. Theosophy states that has an
individual intelligence and this serves as a continuing memory
of all its experiences.

Mankind it states, has at center such an intelligent Atom -- an
immortal SPIRIT/SOUL. The Human stage represents ourselves. We
are continuing our evolution (which is also education) by
self-induced, self-selected, and self devised processes. The
"Real Man (Mind) Never Dies. It reincarnates and uses a
succession of bodies. Each body is like a pupil in School, and
each life is like a year's course in the opportunities of living
and learning. It is said that the "Purpose of Life is to learn.
It is all made up of learning."

4.	The final goal of Evolution is the attainment of wisdom -- a
complete knowledge of all the facts, processes and laws of
Nature -- it becomes Universal in its consciousness and scope.
We may call it SUBLIME PERFECTION. Just like our own progress in
any school class, we learn or neglect to learn lessons. The
application of attention is sharpened by our growing realization
that we are all working together towards a great Goal. We are
all brother and sister Souls -- a Universal Brotherhood.

5.	With this God-like quality fully developed by our own efforts,
our Spirit/Soul then seeks to assist all others to attain its
eminence, and does in fact assist by reincarnating with us,
ordinary striving mortals, so as to stand as an objective example
of what all Mind-Souls can achieve. But, we have to desire to do
this. In Spirit we are all-wise. We need as physical
brain-minds to seek for that wisdom which is eternal, universal,
charitable and virtuous. To oppose it because of selfish reasons
simply delays our progress and retards the general advance of all

The two headings you quoted were the sub-titles for respectively
its 2 volumes. 1. is SCIENCE, and 2. is THEOLOGY.

It is available through BLAVATSKY.NET Read it an enjoy it, it
is a most interesting book.

An INDEX as a separate book is also available if you wish to
study specific subjects.

Best wishes,



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I saw a book the other day by Mdme. Blavatsky on Science and
Theology. How
may obtain a copy? Thanks for your time.

Althea M


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