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RE: Theos-World Definitions

Sep 20, 2001 04:54 PM
by nos

Thanks Frank - It's funny how one big news story can hide a few not so
small ones - Durban , Israels attacks on palestine - there is no focus
on them now - just as there was no focus on Clinton and Lewinsky when he
decided to bomb the Balkans for some cadmium and lead. 

In Australia we have banned books can you believe!!! 

I have to hide some books I own lest I go to jail!!!!!



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From: Frank Reitemeyer [] 
Sent: Friday, 21 September 2001 4:46 AM
Subject: Re: Theos-World Definitions

What a Neo-Nazi is is easy to answer. I take just a look into a 
book of the so-called "anti-fascistic" and anti-theosophical 
author Jutta Ditfurth, who wrote several books against HPB and 
theosophy. One of her latest is titled: "Thriller. Blavatzkys 
(sic) Kinder" (Blavatzky's children).

She explains that the Neo-Nazis regard HPB as their Goddess and 
HPB's books as an handbook how to kill people and that they try 
on secret lodge meetings to create a new race with gene 
techniques. She writes that the good ones are the antifascists 
who try to sabotage the theosophical activities. One can 
recognize them as they eat much meat and are drunken even in 
the morning, consuming much wine and hear music of Curtis Mayfield.

In contrast to that good men are the bad ones, the Nazis or 
theosophists which are vegetarians who eat granola and hear 
music of Wagner, Mozart and Frank Sinatra. But on that day 
before the good ones begin their violent attacks against the 
bad ones they drink no alcohol and consume only water, tea and coffee.

As I read it I thought to myself it would be better to hide my 
Sinatra CD before one of the militant pressure groups or my 
neighbor hears my music and I find myself imprisoned by return. 
My mother, when lived in East Berlin before the wall was 
erected one day played a Beatles record and not long after the 
block warden who watched over his control zone was ringing at 
the door and warned her. So keep care that no Jew rings at your 
door. It could be unhealthy.

BTW, do you know that at the anti-racism conference in South 
Africa's Durban on Sept. 2nd the overall majority of the 3,000 
NGO delegates resolved a declaration that Israel is a racist 
and fascist country and that they demanded stop to the 
Palestine holocaust? Outside were large demonstrations of both 
Blacks and Whites holding up banners with "Shame on U$A" on it. 
The good end was that the Vice President of the Jewish World 
Congress Janner von Braunstone hold up a counter banner with 
the photo of Hitler and the
" What If I had won? The good things: There would be no Israel 
and no Palestinian's blood shed, the rest is your guess. The 
bad things: I wouldn't have allowed the making of the new 
beetle, the rest is your guess." (The beetle was his idea and 
he designed it)

Also US President Bush is to be regarded as a Neo-Nazi and 
racist because not even 30% of the top level posts in all 50 
federal states are not filled by the suppressed red Indians, 
although it's their land. They have even not Holocaust museums 
on every main street of the country and there are no everyday 
Holocaust addresses over radio and TV. According to the 
Mosaic-Masonic master race ideology the 100 million slaughtered 
red Indians in both Americas are regarded as under-breeders. 
This alone should be enough to sentence Bush into prison at The 
Hague's tribunal, don't?

Hope, this helps a little bit.
Peace to all beings, esp. to all victims regardless who and 
where they are. Frank

> Could you all-knowing people please define the following words for me:
> Jew
> Semite
> Nazi
> Neo-nazi
> Anti-semite
> Goyim
> Also :
> Is being a jew being a race or a religion?
> Can I convert to being a jew if I'm not one?
> Are banking practices theosophical?
> Is inclusion/exclusion theosophical?
> Namaste
> Nos

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