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Re: Theos-World Do not support the war!

Sep 20, 2001 04:45 PM
by Dennis Kier

From: Frank Reitemeyer <>

> +++ please forward to all citizens +++

Whose citizens are you referring to?

> --------
> "All is lie, all falsehood, around and in us, my brother; and that
is why you seem so surprised, if not affected, whenever you find a
person who will tell you bluntly truth to your face." - Mahatma Letter
No. 74, chronol. ed. p. 223
> Do not support the war!
> Do not follow induction!

Hear! Hear!

But, then, You are not writing this from America, are you? You won't
have to be inducted, yourself, in any case. I suppose that that is one
of those blunt truths you refer to above. You won't have to risk any
of your blood in this cause.

If there were a draft, you wouldn't have to risk going to jail

I was in the U.S. armed forces during the Korean war. I have been
behind enemy lines. We won't need cowards helping us in the coming
police action, to rid the world of Terrorists. We will probably do
most of it ourselves as we have been doing since 1914. You are not
putting Yourself in any risk in any way for giving your free advice.

We know you. We know what you are.

Try spouting your B.S. in Nazi Germany, or today in Iraq. It is
American blood in WWII that bought your right to spout your B.S. It is
the American taxpayers that spent most of the money for the equipment
that took back Europe for the freedom to make a public fool of your

It is the American Taxpayer, who after WWII, ran up a huge national
debt for the Marshall Plan to help the people of Europe recover from
the war. I don't recall of any of that being repaid by anybody, except
the Hate America First rhetoric that You seem to have discovered.

> Follow the good examples of both Katherine Tingley and Sven Hedin!
> When the enemies of humankind created World War I in 1914 it was the
Leader of the Theosophical Movement Katherine Tingley who instructed
the Theosophists to disobey President Wilson's induction order

How Galant of her! Of course, in her day, women weren't subject to the
draft, so she wasn't risking anything to advise those subject to the
draft to go to jail instead. I wonder, did she send cookies to those
who followed her advice and were subject to the penalties?

I recall one of the Masters writing that if he instructed a Chela to
do something, then the resulting Karma would accrue to him. If any of
the followers of Mrs. T. suffered penalties for following her advice,
was it her Karma, or theirs?

> Do not revenge! Never! USA and Germany are the main targets of the
enemies of humankind. Both countries will not survive if their peoples
are going into the trap!

Good Advice! Even if the neighborhood gang becomes evil like the
Nazis, Communists, & the Terrorists
and tears things apart, turn the other cheek. And, of course, you are
safe over there in Germany or wherever you are writing from offering
advice to those who are at risk. We will take care of things. We won't
need the help of cowards, or fashists. We will get it done while you
continue spouting your BS. We always have so far.

> Have peaceful thoughts - even to your enemies!

That is what I am saying. Don't worry. Crawl back into your hole. We
won't attack you as long as all you are doing is talking. So, why not
resume the talk of Theosophy, instead of that which is worrying you so


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