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Re: Theos-World Re: Nos ad nauseum

Sep 19, 2001 05:21 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Alan, you are either naive or a hypocrite. Despite the fact that Eldon is
quite right that theosophy and politics doesn't mix I regard these times a
special time as the Jewish controlled press in Germany (example: Bild, the
leading newspaper of yesterday: "We are at world war against the
terrorists"; before: "Up to the hell!") seems to be happy that WW III is in
the making because it belongs to their ideology. And Bush seems stupid
enough to play the cowboy, but will in the end get out of control. That is -
besides the official make belief everywhere - what 90% of the people in
Europe and Near East really think, especially the insiders in politics and
Two times the black magicians and its soulless, helpless tools like Wilson
and Roosevelt have destroyed Europe and the half of the world and to steal
their money and possessions. After that they played the helpers, giving bank
credits to their victims and the USA earned a second time. Now the US-model
of the anti-human tries to burn the world a third time to recover again
their bankrupt system and live on the cost of their victims.

>From a theosophical point of view I think it is the right of the victims
(the innocent American people who are held in mental slavery since at least
90 years are the victims, too) to sound their voice. The people in Europe,
Asia and Near East want not your US freedom and your fake democracy and not
your imperialistic city
wrecker service. When do you grasp it??

Taking this in regard until now nos didn't present here no opinion which I
regard as bad. Perhaps he is not political correct and speaks out straight
ahead what the overall majority really thinks (at least in my country) and
therefore breaks toboos.

But it is a groundless accusation to say that nos' motive is to provoke, to
disrupt, to conflict. If you personally prefer to remain uninformed,
hypnotized and dream from a paradise where all girls are virgins you are
invited to it - but what has your view to do with theosophy as outlined by

You seem rather to be a supporter of the ill-famed Adyar ideology: Make
believe, shut up your mouth and let only your superiors think. Obviously nos
likes to think for himself and that is a very good and theosophical motive.
Whether it is right
or wrong is another matter (although I think he is right what he says).

If his opinions stirs up a conflict it's your problem and not his. There a
lot of people who outburst when you greet them with a "good morning".
And what is the meaning of a mailing list like this when every opinion you
don't like can be censored and suppressed??? (Why does that remind my of the
Uni-colored Leage of Taxidrivers???)

Can you provide me with an index about opinions which conflict you?
Please don't forget to bring the very conflicting books of H. P. Blavatsky
also on the black list. Many a scientist and many a theologist and many a
materialist felt and still feel today provoked by her books.

And what about the conflicts of others? Have they the same right as you to
demand that you get not bothered on this list? I for one feel bothered by
say 90% of the emails as they grey if not black in all cases support the
pseudo-theosophy and off-topic.
Isn't it then better to close all theosophical mailing lists?

To me nos brought no conflict, but what you sometimes write, this sensual
pseudo-theosophical we-are-all-loving, provokes nearly a heart-attack. If
you don't like the truth and the search after truth which is the main thing
in Theosophy but rather seek for emotional comfort why not join a church and
sing sweet gospels? That makes real fun and brings you no conflict.

As you tend to assassinate and blame the character of other students whose
opinions you don't like (as if theosophy asks what one likes or not!!) which
I have observed also from you earlier mails you should not judge a person
and its motives unless you have a personal and trustworthy insight, despite
the fact that a student of theosophy should deal rather with ideas and not
with the persons.

Best regards,

> Hi nos,
> Wednesday, 19 September, 2001, you wrote:
> > Did you know or more to the point do you know why the ADL hade the word
> > JEW removed from all scrabble dictionaries?
> Nos, you are what is known as a troll, ie someone who joins a group
> and tries to stir up conflict among its members by dangling "flame
> bait" - controversial, usually off-topic, views or assertions that
> provoke a response and often an off-topic argument.
> You troll your lure and wait for the bite.
> In other words, it appears you come here to disrupt, not to share or
> learn.
> Pse go rattle cages elsewhere and let us get on with it.
> Best regards,
> Alan
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