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RE: Theos-World Neo Nazi Larouche

Sep 18, 2001 05:30 PM
by nos

I did what you suggested and got this as the #1 return:


He's an excerpt for the lazy* or web-impaired:

LaRouche Rocks!

Everyone's Favorite Perennial Presidential
Candidate Gets Down with the Dead, Man

Editor's note: The following is excerpted from an April, 1989 interview
conducted via telephone by Jonathan Vankin, while Vankin was researching
his 1991 book Conspiracies, Cover-Ups and Crimes. At the time, Lyndon
LaRouche had just begun serving a prison sentence on various fraud
convictions. He was in a Richmond, VA federal prison. He has since been
released and is running for president again in 1996. It's his sixth run
at the White House. 
60 Greatest Conspiracies: You've described Carl Jung as a Nazi...
LaROUCHE: He was pro-Nazi. He was an occultist, satanic cultism. I don't
know if he went as far as (Aleister) Crowley did in identifying Satan,
but it was the same structure. Allen Dulles was very close to this crowd
personally. As to what was going on in Allen's mind at this time I don't
fully know. But then you get the MK-ULTRA operation.

60 Greatest Conspiracies: The mind control operation?

LaROUCHE: That was an Allen Dulles period operation which was run
together with the occult types in British intelligence, such as Aldous
Huxley. And also Gregory Bateson who creared, for example, the Grateful
Dead out of an MK-ULTRA operation at the Palo Alto Veteran's Hospital
where he was supervising. The first United States-grown rock group of
that type, the Grateful Dead, was generated as a British intelligence
operation by the Occult Bureau of Huxley and bateson out of the Palo
Alto Veteran's Hospital where they were doing LSD and related

60 Greatest Conspiracies: Why would British intelligence want to put out
a rock group?

LaROUCHE: Well, this is part of the Satanism business. Call it the
counterculture. Call it the Dionysius model of the counterculture. Rock
is essentially a revival of the ancient Dionysic, Bacchic rituals. Lots
of people for long periods of time in that kind of particular rhythmic
ritual which was probably struck upon empirically many thousands of
years ago for this type of cult. It does have a relationship to the
Alpha rhythms of the brain. It does produce these sorts of states. If
combined with a little alcohol and more, shall we say, mood shaping
substances, with youth, with funny sex, this does produce a profound
change of a countercultural type.

Another word for it: New Age. the longer term: age of Aquarius. People
were experimenting with various utopian models, constructing small
groups experimentally which were considered New Age types. How to create
experimental types that might survive the aftermath of a general nuclear

60 Greatest Conspiracies: Was this whole trend continued after Dulles'

LaROUCHE: He was not the controlling factor. I wouldn't make him the
evil black widow spider. He was part of it. The operation goes way back.
But in the United States this particular operation goes to about 1938.
The Nazis were operating in the 1930s out of Hollywood and elsewhere
with an occult astrology racket kind of intelligence operation.

At that point the Huxley operation out there which is already
established, the marijuana operation and so forth in the 1930s, was
already hooked up. 1963 I would say was a watershed year for explosion
of this thing, around the LSD, Beatles proliferation. And then you have
another one in recent years where explicit Satanism has really exploded.

Which is every on-line theosophist talking instead of doing ;) me too!

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Just tried a google search using Larouche+neonazi, which yielded 50 
hits. But it suggested using "Larouche+Neo Nazi" and *that* yielded 
769. Will leave it up to interested listmembers to check out the 


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