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RE: Theos-World is everybody alive and well?

Sep 19, 2001 05:09 PM
by dalval14

Wednesday, September 19, 2001

Dear Eldon:

Thanks for what you write.

I admit I can get very upset when I read things about
H.P.Blavatsky or Theosophy that are inaccurate -- hence my open

And that's where it stops.


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From: Etzion Becker []
Sent: Wednesday, September 19, 2001 9:49 AM
Subject: Re: Theos-World is everybody alive and well?

Dear Eldon,

all I can say, may God bless your sweet fingers!


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From: Eldon B Tucker <>
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Sent: Wednesday, September 19, 2001 4:49 PM
Subject: Theos-World is everybody alive and well?

> At 10:39 AM 9/12/01 +0930, you wrote:
> >Is everybody from NYC on the list alive and well?
> >
> >Peace all
> >
> >Nos
> I think that our earlier messages were better,
> before we started getting too involved in heated
> political discussions, leading to judging and
> finding others on the list to be bad because of
> their views.
> Your message provides me an opportunity to comment
> on how things have been going. As I write and say
> "you", I include all of us.
> I've read more than once that Theosophy and politics
> don't mix. As soon as we get caught up in the
> subject, things can get heated and we can start
> thinking and feeling all sorts of dark things about
> people taking different positions in the discussions.
> First, it's good to not write in anger, but rather
> to wait until a sense of peace and inner calm has
> returned before writing a reply. The Samurai understood
> this, and would defer combat if enraged.
> Second, in the big picture, all our political and
> economic systems are short-lived. A few lifetimes
> and thousands of years later, who knows what if anything
> will remain of them?
> Third, a sense of humor is paramount to dealing with
> people. If someone says something outrageous, have
> a friendly laugh, then ask them to explain what they
> said. Life is too imperfect to expect things to always
> work the way we want, and a wave of friendliness can
> melt the ice or help put out the fires that rage
> between people.
> Fourth, be aware of the potential for darkness, and
> don't let it overtake you. Both good or bad can come
> through one. Little things can spark acts of kindness.
> Others can burst into fiery rages that fill the mind
> with images of vile, evil monsters where before we
> only saw other people like ourselves. Don't let little
> darknesses blow up into big, destructive things.
> Fifth, share what you find helpful, rather than tear
> down things you dislike or disagree with. Brighten
> the world with your best, making the ideas clear, more
> appealing, and beautiful, rather that spend time
> dismembering and painting as ugly the ideas that
> don't appeal to you.
> Lastly, operate from a perspective that external
> life is impermanent, misleading in its apparent
> reality, a blank page awaiting your pen. Don't assume
> it's either neutral or negative in nature. Realize
> there are untold wonders waiting to come into
> existence, only held back because there's no one
> yet to express them. Learn what they are and help
> them come into life.
> -- Eldon

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