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Re: US karma

Sep 16, 2001 05:25 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

How much the brainwashing goes even among Theosophists (truth seekers) is confirmed by the email belong from a Robert van Buhler I just received.
Make of it what you want.

Gloat all you will. You create your own karma. There is mean spirited thought behind your posting. The Cosmic deals with such thoughts in its own way. The slaughter of innocents is not a time for such rants, which thinly disguise your glee for our misfortune.

Like most Germans, you still deny your own karma, which is enormous. Who are you to judge us? Your peasant mother would be starved to death fifty years ago and you would not have been born..or perhaps you were one of the beer swilling fat cat pigs who let Hitler kill the Jews and secretly loved it, and now deny it ever happened.

You Germans are such arrogant swine.

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