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Re: Theos-World strange images

Sep 16, 2001 01:19 AM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 09/16/01 1:37:08 AM, writes:

>I was looking at the September 17 issue of TIME
>MAGAZINE, which arrived in the mail on Tuesday.
>I noticed the most odd advertisement there near 
>the beginning of the magazine.
>The full-page ad for Lufthansa shows a blue sky.
>The picture is from the ground, looking up to the
>sky, which is mostly blue, except for a trace of
>clouds. There are four skyscrapers reaching up to
>the sky, one at each corner of the page. From
>the perspective of the picture, one must be
>standing in the street between them, looking skyward.
>The sky, as seen between them, forms a blue cross. 
>Moving left to right, just in front of the World 
>Trade Center, is a large jet. Trailing behind it, 
>along the arm of the cross, is the caption, in 
>white letters, "In reaching for new heights, may
>be suggest a place to appreciate them?"
>I just look at this ad, and think, "Isn't this
>-- Eldon 
Stranger yet... There was no such ad in my copy which came in the mail 
today. I wonder if the ad was pulled for all the subscribers or just the New 
York regional edition? 

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