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Re: Theos-World Numbers...

Sep 15, 2001 08:38 PM
by Dennis Kier

All this is sort of over my head, but as I read it all, I found myself
looking for a tie-in with Tarot Card #16, the Lightning Struck Tower.
If you torture all those numbers long enough, you might find some
connection with the Tarot Trump, The Tower.


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> Look at this:
> The date of the attack: 9/11 - 9 + 1 + 1 = 11 September 11th is
> 254th day of the year: 2 +
> 5 + 4 = 11 After September 11th there are 111 days left to the end
> the year.
> 119 is the area code to Iraq/Iran. 1 + 1 + 9 = 11
> Twin Towers - standing side by side, looks like the number 11 The
> plane to hit the towers was Flight 11
> I Have More.......
> State of New York - The 11 State added to the Union New York City -
> Letters Afghanistan - 11 Letters The Pentagon - 11 Letters Ramzi
> - 11 Letters (convicted or orchestrating the attack on the WTC in
> Flight 11 - 92 on board - 9 + 2 = 11 Flight 77 - 65 on board - 6 + 5
= 11
> hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
> In a book on wedding gifts i have.The eleventh year of marriage
> denominated as something that should be given ,as a symbol of that
> If our development of relationships have progressed far enough.
> We noticed that steel is certainly a greater refinement over ,what
they call
> "pig iron" in other words , straight out of the ground material.
> Which in turn seems to suggest refinement or TEMPER(word should be
> italics) or temperance,
> or even an improvement of TOLERANCE .
> It also is a combination of 5 and 6 (see other posts on numerical
> signifigance of 666 and 5 (5 being quixotic ,ie: able to go either
way as
> down the ladder or up so to speak ,etc.)
> of trade-----Mammon in us all.... That the enemy is us is a
> who else but that which in Egypt was termed Ka----the lower
> self---devil---Mammon!,
> In the Theos. Glossary it is pointed out that the eleventh letter of
> English and Hebrew alphabets is K.
> The supposed "cute" gifts are actually based on a far greater
> of the profound nature of numbers and has its roots in, obviously,
> tradition but now served up as a "place setting" for the
> We added this because obviously every dark side must have its
> Our "relationships" with these terrorists and what we "do with
> critical to our development as a race and a people and how we handle
all of
> this is probably how we might handle any relationship no matter how
> to us.
> This may not be as strange as the above post though.
> We might add to that last post on numbers and marriage a recent
statement by
> H.H. the Dalai Lama in regards to the current tragedy:
> "There is a growing tendency in the world toward global awareness.
> the current circumstances a closer relationship with others has
become an
> element essential to our very survival. Therefore, the concept of
> responsibility based on compassion and a sense of brotherhood and
> sisterhood is now essential. The world is full of conflicts --
> due to ideology, religion -- even conflicts within families. These
are all
> conflicts based on one person wanting one thing and another wanting
> something else. But if we try to find the cause of these many
conflicts, we
> discover that there are in fact many different sources, many
> causes, even within ourselves.
> "Yet even before we understand the causes of all our conflicts, we
have the
> potential and ability to come together in harmony. All the causes
> relative. Although there are many sources of conflict, there are at
> same time many sources of unity and harmony. The time has come to
put more
> emphasis on unity. Here again there must be human affection and
> analysis grounded in compassion."

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