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Re: Theos-World US Karma

Sep 11, 2001 07:10 PM
by Michele Lidofsky

nos wrote:

> Is everybody from NYC on the list alive and well?

Our parents, children and new eleven day old grandchild all live and/or
work in the city and our immediate families are all okay.

I am sadly certain, though, that none of us in the NYC and DC areas will
be untouched by this. We will all be amongst those bereaved, by just a
few degrees of separation. We do not yet know exactly how many have
been lost, or who has been lost, in our extended families and groups of

We will shortly learn first hand, and in horror, how closely we are all

The expression of fear and pain in the tri-state area was immediate and 
enormous. Now the anger is beginning to make itself known. The world
will never be the same.

Prayers, meditations, and benedictions for the suffering. May all those
who make decisions for this country and for the planet have calm minds,
and be guided and enlightened by the Divine.

~may all beings have peace~

Michele and Bart

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