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RE: [bn-study] The story of Jesus hIS SECRET LIFE

Sep 10, 2001 06:05 AM
by dalval14

09/10/2001 2:55 AM

Dear Friend:

Here are some good references on Jesus and his life many are
found in ISIS UNVEILED and others are snippets from here and

Here is a sampling:


I U I 127	Iassou And Ebionites [ see also I U II 127fn,
135fn, 201-2, 304-5

I U I 319, 182, 191-2 [ Logia -- teachings "his words" ]

Vol. II

I U II 537-9 (compared to Krishna and Buddha)

I U II 127-8, 131-4, 135fn, 139, 151, 181-2, 201, 289-92 ,
304, [ On Jesus ]

I U II 255 & fn, 73, 339-40fn, 545, 566	[Jesus' death ]

I U II 201, 386 & fn,	[ son of Panthera (Pandira)] (see also H
P B Articles Vol. I 117;
Vol. III 180-1; LUCIFER, Vol. 3, 158; T Glos p. 248; )
[ Initiate "Ben-Panthera"-- H P B Articles III 175, 180fn, 192,
228; ]

I U II 341	[Jesus and Apollonius of Tyanna -- also H P B
Articles III 191fn ]

I U II 73, 163-4, 550-3, 563, 365-6,	[ Preached Buddhism ]

I U II 33-4, 150-1, 249-50,	[ Essenian Adept -- Galilean S D
II 231 ]

I U II 126, 163, 165, 527, [ rejected Mosaic Law and Bible --
S D I 576-8,]

I U II 145	[ taught reincarnation ]

I U II 150, 193, 239, 393, 455, 544	[no record of him as an
incarnate God ]

I U II 307	[ Secret Teachings ]

I U II 201-2	[ Initiated in Egypt]

I U II 337-9, 361, [ Ethics taught ]


T G pp. 109 top, 156-7 top	Jesus lived 100 B C
[ I U II 386, B: CW Vol. 8, p. 382. ]

T G pp. 76-7 (corresponds to Krishna -- see also
H.P.Blavatsky Art I 248;

T G p 152	I H S -- Labrum -- Jesus' Father not Jehovah

T G	p. 108-9 Iassou and Ebionites. The "poor" Jesus' relatives
( I U I 127)

T G	p. 227	Nazarenes [ also SECRET DOCTRINE I xxxv, 198fn, ]

T G p. 248	Pandera / Panthera Father of


S D I 198fn, I xxxv, Nazarenes, Sabeans, Nabatheans

S D I 653	Birthday unknown

Vol. II

S D II 96fn	Nazarenes & Jesus

S D II 518	is 888

S D II 560-2, 586-7,	[ crucifixion of Jesus ?]

S D II 509	[ Father not Jehovah]


THEOSOPHY Mag. Vol. 49, p. 462	(On System of the Nazarenes )

LUCIFER Vol. 19, 381	(Nazarenes relation to Ebionites)

( see Footnotes many on Jesus -- H P B Articles III p.
BLAVATSKY: Collected Works (TPH) Vol. 4, p.232;, 361;
Theos Mvt. Mag, Vol. 27, p. 134; Vol. 43, p. 210;

I U II 43-4, 386fn; [ See also H P B discussion with Abbe
BLAVATSKY: Collected Works (TPH) Vol. 8, p 372;

THEOSOPHIST MAG. Vol. 4, p. 144;

There are many more references, but perhaps these will help as a



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From: estela piscope []
Sent: Sunday, September 09, 2001 2:11 PM
Subject: [bn-study] The story of Jesus

Cassandra -

The proposition that Jesus was secretly married to Magdalena and
after her is old news, conjured up by those who would deviate
others from
the path of Spiritual Evolution. A few years ago, an Italian film
filmed the life of Jesus along those lines, it caused an uproar
in Italy,
and among Catholics seeing their Saviour so denigrated. Oh yes,
the story
of Mary (mother of Jesus) being secretly entangled with a Roman
(before she was forced to marry Joseph) was written up in the
magazine about 15 years ago in their attempt to discredit
Christianity. They postulated that perhaps Jesus was the son of
that Roman

Time magazine also did a story on Jesus's crucifixion which
hypothesized that he didn't die on the cross but was brought down
in time
and was able to recover. Now, that story has a kernel of
historical truth.
(I am in the process of hunting down those two featured articles,
if anyone
knows of them, please email me the information.)

It would be more enlightening to read the books by Holger Kersten
" Jesus
lived in India" and "The Jesus Conspiracy". He follows the hints
statements that HPB wrote about Jesus and the origins of
Christianity. He
actually made journeys through those regions to verify her
"This compelling book presents irrefutable evidence that Jesus
did indeed
live in India, dying there in old age. The result of many years
investigative research, Jesus Lived in India takes the reader to
all the
historical sites connected with Jesus in Israel, the Middle East,
Afghanistan and India. As well as revealing age-old links between
Israelites and the East, the evidence found by theologian Holger
points to the following startling conclusions:

" In his youth Jesus followed the ancient Silk Road to
India. While there he
studied Buddhism, adopting its tenets and becoming a spiritual
Jesus survived the crucifixion.
After the "resurrection" Jesus returned to India, to die
in old age.
Jesus was buried in Srinagar, the capitol of Kashmir,
where he continues
to be revered as a saintly man.
The tomb of Jesus still exists in Kashmir."


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