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Sep 08, 2001 04:09 AM
by Etzion Becker

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> Don E. Stevens
> Just as the first plane within Creation was a border between
> the physical and the subtle, so the fourth plane in turn is the
> border between the subtle and the mental. Here the individual
> has at his beck and call infinite energy, and the making and
> destruction of worlds and universes is within his capabilities.
> The problem is that the moral base of judgment is still not
> developed to the point of discriminating between the healthy
> and the undesirable. It is a great temptation to such an
> individual to use these powers for all types of self-
> aggrandizement, controlling others, even wreaking one's
> revenge.
> This is the time when the presence of the Perfect Masters in
> Creation is necessary, largely to prevent the type of
> catastrophe that such a fourth plane master can precipitate.
> The Perfect Master is one with God, and therefore knows all
> that passes within Creation and therefore can control the fourth
> plane master if he verges on effecting a major catastrophe to
> Creation.
> Nevertheless there are several types of monstrously unwise
> actions that the Perfect Ones do not guard against. These can
> result in the fourth plane master crashing down and regressing
> all the way back to the stone stage of consciousness. Baba
> gave examples of such catastrophic action as the killing for
> lust and using the powers to satisfy one's craving for fame.
> Why the Perfect Masters prevent physical catastrophes to
> Creation but not the more personal cravings on the fourth plane
> has not been explained. Perhaps this passes into the domain
> of personal choice and testing which seems a constant
> occurrence on the spiritual Path.
> Once the fourth plane is passed, the aspirant arrives at the fifth,
> which is that of the saints and is fully in the mental or third
> sphere. Here there is no longer a temptation to use the
> universal powers for personal reasons. The moral base of action
> prevails, and the soul is protected from any further possibility
> of a great fall. Even so, there is still another fact in this area
> that is often distressing to the Western mentality. This is that
> the saint may be either a warm and loving individual, or a fiery
> and chastising person. Both are equally recognized as being
> truly saints. The nature of God is all-inclusive, and Godliness
> is not necessarily at all the discarding of all that we regard as
> being negative and the conservation of all we feel to be pure
> and loving. Rather, it is the equilibrating of the opposites and
> surpassing them.
> Saints are frequently utilized by the Perfect Ones in helping the
> ongoing of other human beings in their quest for God. This
> would lead one to believe that they are often or even always
> included in the spiritual hierarchy which performs duties in the
> spiritual quest.
> Still in the mental sphere, the sixth plane is characterized by
> the aspirant seeing God in all that surrounds him. God is
> literally everywhere. All who come in contact with a sixth plane
> saint benefit by that contact. Hence the tradition in the Far
> East of trying to be in the company of a very advanced soul,
> even though that person may live in filth and act in a manner
> incomprehensible to the logical mind. His spiritual greatness
> is sensed rather than proven.
> Here it should be remarked that the usage of the term "mental"
> for the third sphere has little to do with logic and reason, or
> even with being reasonable. In fact, individuals resident on this
> plane are more often than not quite unreasonable in their
> actions. They see through to the heart of matters, and their
> actions are designed to act on those heart matters. This they
> do by a sort of balancing out of forces that are not at all
> apparent to the logical mind bound up in daily physical events.
> One needs to recall that it is in the mental body of each
> individual that is found the storage mechanism for the memories
> of all incidents that have ever happened in the long history of
> evolution of each individual. Such "permanent" storage is
> possible because the "stuff' of the mental body is far finer than
> that of the physical body, and therefore not susceptible to the
> wear which is characteristic of physical objects. For this reason
> the mental body goes on as if forever while different physical
> bodies are adopted, worn out, discarded and the process
> repeated many, many times. The subtle body that exists in the
> second or subtle sphere has a comparable longevity. For this
> reason it is true that "as one sows, so shall one reap," as the
> permanent storage record exists within oneself.
> Then, somewhere, sometime, in some manner, events occur
> which precipitate the sixth plane Master into the seventh,
> which is that of God-Realization. Meher Baba often repeats
> that this leap is greater than the total of all the previous leaps
> from one plane to another. In fact, he says the difference is
> infinite, and that it can only be accomplished through the
> intercession of a Perfect One, in other words an individual who
> has already made the jump.
> As a matter of interest in this regard, when on his visit to
> America in 1956 Meher Baba advised a small group one day
> that the West has now arrived generally at the spiritual level
> necessary to sustain the development of Perfect Masters, and
> that they would be increasingly found in Western countries
> from this time.
> The one final elucidation offered in this area is the fact that the
> majority of individuals who achieve Realization drop their
> bodies almost at once. However, there are exceptions by
> individuals who have chosen freely to remain in Creation for
> some time afterwards to help others along the path. The
> statistic is that there are always 56 of these in the world at all
> times, and of this number, seven have gone on to become
> reintegrated into consciousness of the physical world about
> them. Of these, five function as the Perfect Masters in charge
> of overseeing Creation and also guarding against the type of
> accident that for instance a fourth Plane master might
> precipitate. The five Perfect Masters oversee the plans for
> Creation set out by the Christ Avatar, and when they precipitate
> his advent each seven hundred to fourteen hundred years, they
> retire at once from their duties, and the Avatar assumes the
> complete direction of Creation during his life in the physical
> body.
> Thus goes the story of the Whim and its far-reaching
> consequences. In fact, all of Creation is the outcome of the
> surging of the whim of God to know His divinity consciously.
> Don E. Stevens, Pages 181 - 184, Copyright 1999 by D. E.
> Stevens, Published by Companion Books

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