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Re: Theos-World Theosophy a Received Truth

Sep 07, 2001 07:46 PM
by John Beers

Gerald Schueler wrote, "Christianity was "received" from Jesus, who
"received" it from God. Buddhism was "received" from Buddha who "received"
it from his spiritual lineage of buddhas. Taoism was "received" from Lao
Tao, and so on. Modern Theosophy ... was "received" from H. P. Blavatsky
who "received" it from her Masters."

Some member of the Brotherhood of Adepts has been the founder of every
major religion. They are also involved in the maintenance and directing of
those religions. As examples, consider HS Olcott and Annie Besant, both
chelas of Morya.

Olcott became a Buddhist, and he spent years in Ceylon, travelling by
oxcart and teaching Buddhism. He wrote a Buddhist catechism, and founded
more than 400 Buddhist schools. In Ceylon he was honored by a national
holiday and many statues.

He was also a unifying force in Buddhism worldwide, for he sponsored the
first convention of the two major branches, the Mahayana and the Hinayana.
In Siam, he was once asked how he knew so much about Buddhism. He answered
that he didn't, but that he knew Theosophy. To understand this, you must
realize that to him, Theosophy meant the teachings of the Adepts. Olcott is
regarded as an important figure in the Buddhist Reform Movement.

Annie Besant had a similar effect on Hinduism and India. Ghandi said of
her that she had awakened India from its deep slumber. She became a Hindu
and travelled India by train, lecturing to crowds of 5000 - 10,000, teaching
them their own religion, which many hardly knew.

At the time, Hinduism had a collective inferiority complex. They were
governed by the British, and many young people who wanted to get ahead were
converting to Christianity. When Ghandi was a young lawyer in South Africa,
he always kept two pictures on his wall - Jesus and Annie Besant. So I
think maybe he also was converting.

She founded Hindu University, which quickly became the largest in India,
and also Central Hindu College, where young Nehru was educated. She also
initiated him into the TS.

She served a term as President of the Indian National Congress,
succeeded there by Nehru. (Ghandi, wearing the traditional dhoti, was not a
congressman, but was often present on the platform, as a respected guest)

She owned a newspaper, which she used to promote Indian self-rule. In
this newspaper, she refered to Ghandi as Mahatma. This is a term she
normally reserved for the Great Ones, and she was the first to call him by
this title.

Since Morya was the Master of both Olcott and Annie Besant, there is a
strong inplication that he is very involved in the maintenance of these

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