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Re: To Larry from Moscow

Sep 05, 2001 07:17 AM
by DNisk98114

In a post by Leon Maurer , he states that;

Especially, such a word as Love, in the theosophical sense, must never be 
equated with sexual love, or even the love between student and teacher, 
parent and child, or love of family, clan, group, country, etc. -- and 
certainly, cannot be associated with love of any material things.
Radiance !
O Great Light Divine !

The Light shines in all , but in all doth not shine forth equally.
Invocations such as the above, use words that pop up frequently in many 
Ancient religions which seems to underscore LM's posted remarks on love.
They might have said:
O Great Love Divine ! 
Love is in all , but in all Love shows not equally.
Certainly substitutions have been made but the word "Radiance" seems to 
suggest one thing and "Love" another.
What we seem to need is a synthesis of the two and in this world , as Leon 
says , there are far too many terrestrial "draggings" of the word love and 
the word "light" can be dragged to death also ,as we might be finding out 
these days with its constant over usage.(in this poster's opinion)
The old hack about something said often enough "becomes" true refers to the 
"LATENT POTENTIALITY" that is already there , as Theosophy ,in the form of H. 
P. B.
points out.(The underlying basis of ALL religions ie Universal Brotherhood)
We adore "LATENT POTENTIALITY" ! Others may admire the action of "some 
thing" "becoming true".
Experience will probably show , perhaps, that nothing was real-y needed to 
"come true" but that had always been true throughout Eternity.
It becomes "true" to us for our own information and edification .

Just a thought after breakfast.

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