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Is Theosophy a Reveiled Truth?

Sep 03, 2001 07:32 PM
by David Blankenship

I deleted the newsletter to make room for my incoming mail, but I did make a
copy of subscribing and unscribing. The email address is Subscribing will get you the current issue and
subsequent issues. It is put out by scientist who are theosophists.

The scientist who talk about Atlantis said it was fanciful on HPB part and
that because of plate tectonics such a continent couldn't exist. The
scientist who talk about the age of man put it about six million years with
all the earlier ancestors. There currently two theories about the origin
birthplace. One is the popular out of Africa theory. And the other is
that Homo Sapiens originated simultaneously in different places around the
globe about 200,000 years ago from earlier men out of Africa. I hope I did
justice to the talk on man but it is from memory and it is a poor substitute
for the full articles. I suggest you subscribe and read for yourself what
they had to say. The first part is about a conference the had and the
articles follow.

David Blankenship

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