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Is Theosophy a Reveiled Truth?

Sep 04, 2001 05:15 PM
by David Blankenship

Evolution, relativity and plate tectonics all faced tremendous forces
against them because they destroyed the comfortable view of the world. All
three have since been proven true so that their proponents went from fringe
science, except in Darwin's case, to mainstream and their detractors have
gone to fringe science like the creationists.

I read a time-life book decades ago that described a scientist that devoted
his entire like to document the incidences where rock stratas lined up on
one side of the Atlantic to those on the other side. He devoted 50 years to
this work in the first half of the century and even produced maps of what he
thought it look like. He died without it ever being excepted. There was a
conference in the mid-fifties in which it was discovered to the consensus of
the geologists there. Neither he nor Einstein ever received the noble prize
for relativity or plate tectonics. I can understand why the theosophist
scientist at the conference would not want to defend the theory of lost

I learned as a child to seek the opinions of those who disagree with me in a
effort to get to the truth. There are incidences where the truth is
something neither thought of but we discovered it together.

I believe in the reconciliation of religion, philosophy and science but too
often in the newsletters digest I receive science is relegated to the foot
of the table and ignored. Science has made blunders but it is
self-correcting. Theosophy is fragmented to various groups and even within
the groups there are conflicting opinions. This was a group that is trying
to find the truth about nature and god. I have a degree in chemistry so I
am more sympathetic to their dilemma. Dr. Tillett wish to provoke responses
to his thought-provoking article in theos-World. I have tried to answer

David Blankenship

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