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RE: Concept of Dualities

Sep 02, 2001 04:51 PM
by dalval14

Sunday, September 02, 2001

Dear Jerry:

Seems to me the 3rd Law of your dualities is difficult for me to
understand. Sounds like isolating a NORTH POLE on a magnet with
no SOUTH polarity around ? Is that possible ?

Whether enochian or not, all dualities to me , arise from a

The ABSOLUTE ALL (out of manifestation or in manifestation) is
always unmoved, indescribable, impartite.

However if at the end of a Manvantara all that has manifested and
created KARMA is resolved into the Pralayic condition and merged
back into the ABSOLUTE, then, those dualities (now unified)
would, on the cyclic re-emergence into the next karmic
Manvantaric period become dualities again -- thus you would have
precursor to the reformation of the contrasting planes of
manifestation that would be reestablished under universal KARMA.
And all the numberless MONADS (in manifestation) would reappear.

Another thought occurs to me. In some cases we (as our present
limited physical brain consciousness) are unaware of the
existence of a different plane, or state of CONSCIOUSNESS.
Apparently a transition point between them may exist -- a "laya
point" -- then the duality on this side is synthesized into a
singularity (ONE ) on the other plane. Is this possible ?



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Subject: Concept of Dualities

<<<<[Mauri]:So while there may be value in dualistic
verifications of various kinds, surely the more specific
"Theosophical verifications" might tend to result, instead, from
less dualistic insights (in as much as if transcendence of
dualism is a primary objective of applied Theosophy?)? >>>

Mauri (and anyone else who might be interested), let me quote
once again a section from my Enochian Physics dealing with
dualities so that we all understand how I see them. The book
addresses Enochian Magic, but is equally applicable to Theosophy.
The important part of this section is my Three Laws of Duality,
which should help to see where I am coming from:


In order to understand Enochian physics, it is essential
to first understand the doctrine of dualities. A duality implies
any two-fold force or two-sided expression. The concept of
dualities may seem highly philosophical at first, but it is an
important concept to grasp and is crucial in understanding
Enochian physics and the practice of Enochian Magic.

A duality often seems to be two separate things or
forces. Big and little for example, are two sides of a dualistic
concept. We usually think that big is not the same thing as
little. But actually they only exist in relation to each other.
Big is only meaningful if something small is compared to it. For
example, a mouse is small when compared to an elephant but is big
when compared to a grain of sand. Man is small when compared to
the universe of planets and stars but is big when compared to the
atomic world of atoms and molecules. The concept of up is
meaningless when used by itself. When you think of up you
usually think of what is over your head or above you. But to
someone on the other side of the world, your up is their down and
vice versa.

Enochian physics uses the term duality to denote any
force or expression that has two sides to it such that either
side is meaningless without the other. When you see another
person and think in terms of ugly or beautiful, you are mutually
comparing that person with other persons. If only one man
existed, he would be neither ugly nor beautiful. The dualistic
idea of beauty and ugliness would disappear. Similarly, a child
has no concept of good or bad. He must learn about that duality
as he grows up. It is impossible to become aware of one side of
a duality without the other side. The very nature of dualities
is that we become aware of both sides simultaneously and that we
can only eliminate one side at the expense of the other. We can
only hold onto one side by clinging to the other. This concept
is extremely important to understand. It is the capstone of the
Enochian magician's code of ethics and morality. A magician's
morality is not society's morality. They look at life

The three main laws of any duality are as follows:

Duality Law 1. When one side of a duality is created, the other
side comes into existence simultaneously.

Duality Law 2. When one side of a duality is eliminated, the
other side ceases to exist simultaneously.

Duality Law 3. Everything that exists is one side of a duality,
even existence itself.

The concept of dualities and the philosophical
implications of dualities have been known for many centuries.
Gotoma Buddha taught that existence and nonexistence were two
sides of a duality. The psychological thrust of his Buddhism is
to tread a "middle path." This implies that one should live in
between the extreme points of dualities. "Do nothing to excess"
and "moderation in all things" are the logic fallout of this
According to Enochian physics, duality leaves its stamp
on all things in the universe. From subatomic structures to the
cosmos itself, all things express a dual nature below the first
Aethyr, LIL. We shall see later that quantum physics has
encountered this phenomenon in atomic particles and that
relativity physics has encountered it in the universe around us.


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